11 Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
Multiple consumers utilize social media apps daily. Statistically, Gen Z users spend 2 hours and 55 minutes on social media platforms on average, while Millennials spend 2 hours and 38 minutes. During this period, they spend most of their usage time searching for products/services they require. Consequently, brands find these platforms effective mediums for increasing their customer reach and brand identity.

One of the most popular apps among consumers is Instagram, the photo-sharing mobile app. As per user demographics, 38% of its users are Gen X, 57% are Millennials, and 67% are Gen Z. Thus, marketers for brands can target different combinations of audiences through Instagram. To improve visitor traffic, business professionals use different tactics for each user demographic and attract potential customers.

There are particular marketing strategies that brands can opt for to increase visibility on Instagram and market to consumers. In this article, you would learn 11 of the most useful marketing pointers to promote via Instagram.

1. Create A Right Account On Instagram

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
The first step in the marketing process for companies and entrepreneurs is to create a suitable account. While promoting any products or services on Instagram, using a personal account is not effective.

Instead, create a business account that includes multiple features like Instagram shopping, Instagram ads, and Instagram insights for user engagement. Also, business accounts include two separate inboxes: primary and secondary, CTA buttons, and contact information.

For brands, the platform has built-in features and capabilities in the business account format that allows account holders to continue their promotion tasks.

2. Create Interesting Captions

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
On Instagram, the main focus for the users is the photos and video clips. However, the caption is equally effective for catching the attention of viewers and improving conversion rates. Typically, there is a space available for the caption with a text limit of 2200 characters. Therefore, marketers have to phrase the words carefully but have enough words left for a detailed account.

On their feed, users can only see the first two lines of the caption. Thus, it is important to make these lines interesting to prompt the users to read 'more'. Maximum users would skip reading the entire content so add engaging and informative content from the first line.

Generally, the best captions are smaller in size to meet the fast-paced interest of readers. Keep the content simple and concise for easier readability. Note that 125 characters are enough for ad campaign captions. But, organic posts require a 138-150-character length approximately.

Multiple marketers add lengthy captions for their promotional posts as well. Here, the key point to focus on is viewer engagement. So, keeping the text interesting and educational is effective.

3. Focus On The Audience

To use the correct marketing tactics, brands must have a solid understanding of their general demographic. Statistically, the male-female ratio of users on Instagram shows 48% and 52% rates, respectively. Overall, consider the age-based, location-centric, and gender variety of the audience to target the right group(s) properly. The common age group that uses this platform are Gen Z and Millennials, with the majority of users residing in the United States.

It is important to set a target audience and focus on marketing to their tastes, preferences, needs, and interests. However, another point to remember is not to ignore the minority customer groups either. Marketers should mainly create their marketing strategy to create a direct connection to the viewers.

4. Focus On The 'Look'

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
As mentioned earlier, Instagram is highly reliant on imagery. So, portraying an aesthetically pleasing look of the brand on the business page is the key. Instagram users look for visually dynamic profiles and content. Thus, marketers for businesses should create an appealing Instagram wall to attract their target audience.

The aesthetic of the brand page can influence the brand identity of a business. Not to mention, it also prompts multiple users to finalize their buying choices. Here, the brand owners need to use accurate and appealing visual elements and colors.

Another important point to remember is maintaining a consistent flow to the imagery. For example, if the common theme in the initial photos is a particular color shade, that should continue in the recent images as well. Also, if one uses blank or white images between two of their photos, maintaining that consistency for future pictures is important.

An added factor to focus on in regards to consistency is the timing of the posts. It is effective for engaging audiences and turning them into loyal visitors.

5. Content Calendar With A Focus On Products

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
Setting a product calendar is influential for brand owners to market their offers on Instagram successfully. Businesses can gain more focus from their users with the help of an organized product calendar. Using the pre-set Instagram post template is an effective tool for brands in this context.

Presentation is very important when it comes to displaying any promotional content via Instagram. Statistically, 81% of Instagram users utilize the platform to search for services and products. Consumers find a strategically stylized representation of products more attractive than a bland, generic layout. So, brands using this platform for marketing should consider their product designing strategies.

6. Include User-Generated Content

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
Multiple consumers do not prefer professionally created or presented content. They cannot trust the brand, and that hampers the overall customer reach count and revenue growth.

Hence, promoting user-generated content can appeal to a wide audience on Instagram. Indeed, consumers prefer this strategy since they receive realistic promotions. For brands and their marketing time, this is time-saving since the consumers handle the development and design.

Also, it is important to remember to credit the original creator of the promotional content. It would increase their interest and loyalty to your brand. They may promote your products on their platform as well.

7. Promote On Instagram Stories

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
Multiple companies using Instagram for their brand or product promotion can utilize the Stories feature. It is an effective marketing plan. Statistically, 50% of users complete a conversion after they notice a service or product on Instagram Stories.

Generally, the Stories expire after the 24-hour time limit lapses from the moment of posting. Consumers feel attracted to personalized and authentic promotions, and that contributes to building the brand-customer relationship. Stories are comparatively more real than curated image posts and are engaging content.

In this context, businesses must focus on the following points:
  • Quick - Make a fast-paced and short video with many small clips or "scenes." Here, the message should get conveyed to the viewers within the initial 3 seconds.
  • Storytelling - The story content should have a basic idea or theme in place.
  • Value - Add a link to a relevant source or provide useful data.
  • Unchanging Brand Image - Marketers need to stick to the pre-set aesthetic and brand identity.
  • CTA - Add text in the video to prompt the users to fulfill the next step of swiping to the external link.

8. Add Hashtags

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
On Instagram, hashtags are highly effective in reaching a new audience with a similar interest in the displayed products. Using accurate hashtags in the caption can improve brand visibility and result in higher earnings. Typically, business-oriented Instagram users can add approximately 30 hashtags to each post. However, adding a lot of hashtags can put off multiple viewers. Statistically, marketing experts recommend using 11 hashtags or staying between 8-14 hashtags for brands while using this marketing tactic.

Note that it is important to focus on hashtags that match the posted content and not repeat them many times. Also, the hashtag text should not introduce action-oriented prompts.

9. Create An Instagram Shop

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
With the business-oriented Shop feature on Instagram, brands can appeal to a wide range of their followers. The visitors can access the Shop to find products and research information about them. Then, they directly buy their choices.

This tactic improves the user experience of potential customers; they do not have to leave the feed to make their purchase. To note, the shopping tab available under the Explore page allows users to view new products and services of their preferred brands.

10. Use Live Content

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
One useful tip to adopt a successful marketing plan for the Instagram audience is to provide real-time content. The current Instagram Live feature allows content creators and users to get in touch with their followers in real-time. Certainly, brands can adopt this strategy as well. Most consumers appreciate reaching an account they follow directly while they are posting.

Thus, the Live features create a sense of familiarity and realism for the consumers; they may feel more engaged with the brand.

Here, business owners can use particular strategies to implement this marketing plan properly. They can organize a live Q&A session, host a tutorial, or show the behind-the-scene situation of an event. Also, the professionals in charge of Live events can conduct interviews with fellow employees or the users directly. Another effective plan that is useful here is partnering with an influencer or industrial expert to hold a Live event together.

11. Utilize Instagram Reels

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands
One of the most popular tools for consumers available on Instagram is the Reels feature. This is accessible through the Explore page for users to view and engage with video-based content. Typically, influencers and users on Instagram post their Reels for views.

However, brands are opting for this method to attract new visitors as well. Indeed, entrepreneurs can create and broadcast their product promotion ads through the Reels. These videos are usually short, and both organic and paid posts highly attract audiences.


Overall, social media marketing is an effective medium for attracting more views and increasing user engagement. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms available with smartphone users. Thus, these marketing strategies have a higher potential for success.

Adding proper content like images, captions, hashtags and structuring them aesthetically can improve the brand's visual look. Consequently, conversion rates and revenue can increase as well.

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