The Top 9 Screen Recording Tips You Need to Know

Top 9 Screen Recording Tips You Need to Know
The facility of screen recording is perhaps one of the best ways to show how technology has made our lives a whole lot easier. Today, with the onset of a global pandemic, the entire world has shifted onto the digital mode to sustain business and operations. In this setting, screen recording has become crucial for carrying out online activities in several spheres.

Tidbit – Did you know that screen recording first came into the picture in the late 1960s by a man called Doug Engelbart? The option was introduced to the iPhones in 2017 and on Android only last year, in 2019.

The Top Advantages Of Screen Recording

Screen recording on your device lets you capture all activities on your device in the form of a video file. From recording online live streams to recording bugs and discrepancies on your computer, screen recording is everywhere. Screen recording even lets you save videos from platforms that don’t let you directly download their videos – for example, the Instagram reels.

What’s more? With screen recording, you can even record essential lectures and webinars online that you could not attend on time. Software companies use screen recording all the time to demonstrate their internal mechanisms.

If you don’t want to download an additional app for taking your screen recordings, use - an online webcam recorder. The website even has an inbuilt webcam recorder that lets you record video calls on your webcam with both mic and system sound. If you’re concerned about privacy, the website does not store your screen recordings. To enjoy a hassle-free screen recording experience, you can sign up for a premium plan at $5 a month.

The Top Tips Before Starting A Screen Recording

Although screen recording is a pretty straightforward process in itself, it can go wrong. Here are a few tips that you must know if you’re planning to screen record something:

1. Shut Out All Other Details

One of the most significant limitations while screen recording is unnecessary notifications popping in when you’re recording your screen. If you’re recording your screen for a professional purpose, this can get quite irritating and embarrassing at the same time, especially if you have personal notifications chime in. It can also get distracting when you’re demonstrating a recording for a specific purpose, and something completely unrelated shows up on your screen.

To avoid this fiasco, it is always a good idea to turn off notifications, clean up your desktop icons (if you have any personal files) and disable pop-ups. If you’re recording on your phone, make sure to put it on do not disturb mode to avoid calls amidst your recordings. If you do not specifically require the internet for your recording, feel free to switch off your WiFi or mobile data to avoid any external disturbances.

2. Plan Your Video Beforehand

It is recommended that you plan your video well before you record it to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Planning lets you have a flow when it comes to recording your screen. You will be mindful about not opening apps or folders randomly out of impulse. This saves you both time and diversions.

3. Make Sure To Edit

If you end up making minor mistakes and deviate from the plan of action for your screen recording, you can always cut that portion out later. This can be done with the help of any video editor app, as your screen recording is saved in the form of a video file.

4. Don’t Make It Too Lengthy

Unlike ordinary video recordings, screen recordings, when made too lengthy, are hard to focus on. This is because screen recordings come with a lot more detail than traditional video recordings that the viewer can’t help but notice. Therefore, keep in mind that your recording is not too long.

5. Audio Is Important

If your screen recording also includes audio narration, it is always good to purchase an external microphone for this purpose. This is because it is most likely that the microphone on your phone or computer is not very powerful.

Also, make sure to cancel out any background noise while recording your screen. External microphones come with this built-in feature.

If you do not have an external microphone, you must place your device at an optimum position, closest to your microphone, that lets you record your voice clearly on the device.

6. Be Patient

Screen recordings can get tiresome. When you end up making minor mistakes that show up on your recordings, you might need to redo it again from the beginning. This process can get pretty repetitive. Sometimes the applications may also take a while to get started, especially if you aren’t using a good screen recording solution.

Also, free screen recordings may not let you take a breather in between. Be prepared to sit for a long time while you’re at it. For this, keep all essentials handy.

7. Position Your Webcam

If you are planning a screen recording along with your webcam, make sure to position it correctly before starting your recording. Seat yourself in a way so that your best angle faces the camera. Don’t toggle the webcam on and off continuously while you're at it. Also, ensure that your background area is proper and presentable.

8. Control Your Mouse Movements

It can get quite distracting for the viewers if your cursor continuously moves in between a screen recording. Make sure that you are not unnecessarily playing with your cursor. If you have access to this feature, you might as well hide your mouse while it is not being used.

Another excellent way to limit your mouse movements is to use keyboard shortcuts instead of your cursor.

9. Keep It Simple

Remember that although you are using your device, your viewers experience all the functions in the third person. Be considerate of this fact and don’t complicate your activities unnecessarily. Keep it as smooth as you can. Scroll through slowly and take time to show every action on your screen.

Have you used a screen recorder before? What are the top challenges that you faced? Have you used a good screen recording solution yet? Let us know in the comments below.
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