Top 10 Tips To Promote Your Business With Motion Graphics

Tips To Promote Your Business With Motion Graphics
Motion graphics is like a type of graphic designing, the only difference between them is that the latter is static and gives it animation and movement, usually without following a particular description. If you want some bars in your graph to rise up to add up some additional visual flair? There, you have motion graphics. When and if you want the logo on your website to twist and spin around for you? There, for that you have motion graphics. Motion graphics can be used to set shapes and letters in your website in motion.. Whether or not there is a story that is being told is an immense determining factor, which helps in deciding if you want to deal with motion graphics or animation. Motion graphics animation mostly features shapes, objects or texts that are supposed to be set in motion. So, the question arises why bother investing in Motion Graphics when you have Static Infographics that are way cheaper?

  • Motion graphics can be very helpful to easily illustrate complex ideas visually: one can think of motion graphics like it is a visual aid. Some ideas, especially big and abstract ones can be very hard to describe with the use of words or with still images. And, just a few seconds of motion graphics can clear everything up flawlessly.
  • The visual flair of motion graphics seems to be quite appealing to a wide range of viewers: the use of cartoons may seem to people as too juvenile and irresponsible for a formal business. But motion graphics can surely use that cute and fun style and put it on work for topics that are rather more mature. It does not matter in what industry you are in, the motion graphics flair can make your message more appealing and entertaining for your current customers and potential customers as well.

It’s no secret the internet and everyone on it just loves videos. It does not matter if you pick out motion graphics or other styles of animation, almost all of them, in general yield better engagement, traffic, and conversions for the website. So, the question arises as to when to make use of Graphic Motion? Motion graphics are known to be the best for outlining or laying emphasis on facts and illustrating a point that one is trying to make. Motion graphics are typically used when there’s no requirement for a narrative or storytelling. Motion graphic videos can very easily break down your multifaceted services or products and present them in an impressive and memorable way. What you must remember is that motion graphics are at its core a visual aid, so it excels at explaining ideas that are quite hard to understand with the help of visuals.

Now that we know that it is videos that are on the rise these days, there are more openings to work and create within the medium than ever were; and here comes the use of Motion Graphics. They can be used to create unique animated videos and are a fantastic storytelling tool. And so today, we are seeing them almost everywhere from commercials to social media. They seem to be particularly attractive to creators because they help tell a creative story not constrained by the restrictions of live-action video. But, while motion graphics are an entertaining medium, not all that are created are on the same level. You can read here, the top IT recruitment Dubai. Most of the top recruitments in Dubai pay their employees a salary ranging between three thousand (low) through seven thousand (medium) till eighteen thousand (high).

There are a lot of elements that go in for creating of motion graphics, from scripting and audio to its design and animation. If at all any of these are poorly implemented, the final product may not be as effective as it should be. So one must know what is needed to get you through the process very smoothly. And now, if you are ready to make your first motion graphic, or at least are trying to figure out how to make the next one of yours a bit less stressful. Here, you’ll find a step by step guide to learn and get through motion graphic production, plus some tips to help save both your time and energy.

Here are some notes to remember, before you start:
  • Write a strong and creative brief.
  • Have a distribution plan and set it up ahead of time.
  • Get approval from your colleagues.
  • Ask for help if you need it.

So, let’s start with the steps:

1. Write A Script That Tells A Story

Even though motion graphics tend to be quite short, that frequently range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, you should still have a script that has details of either dialogues or for story direction. If you seek to find your story, you can ask yourself the following questions;
  • Who is it that I’m trying to reach?
  • What do I want them to DO? Learn? And to Remember?
  • How do I want to make people feel?

As you go further into creation of your script, you should be aware of the word count. It can get very tempting to stuff as much as possible into your script, but what you should remember is that; simplicity and clarity are the crucial things. As and when you craft your script, you should consider which parts of your story that would be best communicated through the following:
  • Onscreen (also called Kinetic) Text: Text-only storytelling can be great for some situations, where sound is not an option. It can also be considered a smart way to engage people, as they will have to pay more attention to your ad when they read.
  • Voiceovers: it is like an opportunity to give a voice to your brand, tell people what your brand stands for and what it is.
  • Voiceovers and Kinetic: these two together can create a wonder, anytime you need to label or clarify something on screen.
  • Visuals only: these are not very commonly used, but anyway, they are helpful if you want to create a compelling graphic with no text.

2. Create A Storyboard, While You Brainstorm

During the storyboard phase, you can start visualizing but that is only possible if you have a story first. You should conduct a brainstorming session with your team to create an awesome storyboard. In this stage, you will want to draw out frames on a whiteboard and also, review the final script altogether before you get started.

3. Turn Your Storyboard Into A Design

As soon as you have an idea of the storyboard with your sketches, you can commence translating your storyboards into the actual designs. A tip here is that, everything you do at this stage will be used in the final animation stages, so take time and get the details right.

4. Animating The Final Designs

It is the phase, in which to bring everything together. Here are some things that you should think about in this phase.
  • The Animation Style.
  • The Timing.
  • And, The Sound Effects.

Read here, some tips you should consider to improve and promote your business with the help of Motion Graphics:
  1. Recognizing your Target Audience: knowing your target audience will help you know the type of advertising and marketing that you need to do. Thus, telling you the story for your motion graphic. So the question is how do you define your target audience? Read here some ways of doing so; determining the problems and needs of your customers, age, details about the product or service, gender, income level, location and more.
  2. Determining your budget and the message you wish to convey: the more information you have, the more you may spend on your motion graphics. Also, conveying a message is a very important part of graphic motion, as it is the thing that attracts the customers to your brand.
  3. When and where do you wish to display your video? Will it be aired on social media or on TV or on your Website? You should have a location where your targeted audience will find your motion graphic appealing.
  4. Determining your goals: you need to establish what and how you wish that the audience will react to your motion graphic video.
  5. Determining the time to be taken to reach these goals: The less time you have to accomplish your goals, the more you will need help from professional motion graphics video and which as a result will require budget. And so, it is important that you inform the motion graphics company about your time.
  6. The number of motion graphic videos that will be needed for your business: it depends on the number of products that you have to offer, your business type, the events, different seasons etc.
  7. the duration of the motion graphic video: it depends on where and when you wish to display your video. But it should be long enough to be informative and short enough to keep the attention of the audience intact.
  8. Include achievements and awards of your business: you can use it in your video, to show your audience that your company is worthy of their reliability and attention.
  9. Keep looking at different motion graphic videos: you should watch such videos of different companies to learn more and keep yourself updated.
  10. Wise selection of company: you should know which company will be able to serve you and your audience as to what they need, as it can make or break the deal.

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