Top 9 Excellent Platforms For Building Mobile Apps

Platforms For Building Mobile Apps
Mobiles have become a necessity in this digital world. Almost every person owns a smartphone. Life has become easy because of the apps on the smartphone. Every business has its own app and people can access these businesses with ease with just a few clicks. But if you are taken aback thinking about the costs, then you should probably rethink your decision. Making a mobile app is not at all an expensive deal if you go on the right path. So, what is the right path? In this post, we are going to discuss these platforms that allow you to build mobile apps from scratch.

What Is An Application Development Software?

Application development software or app development software allows the users to develop their own application for smartphones, desktop or web. If you have decided to build your own application, but lack knowledge of coding or budget to hire an app developer, then you can use any of the following platforms and make a simple app. However, if you want a more sophisticated app built from an innovative idea, you need to visit here for hire best app developer. A good app development service provider helps you in building an app catering to your innovative ideas.

App software development platforms allow users to bring their ideas together and build numerous attributes and designs to create a fully functional smartphone application. The application platforms help you in building two kinds of applications- web applications and the native applications. Here are the nine most reliable platforms for building mobile phone applications.

The Appy Pie

Appy Pie is one of the fast growing application building platforms. It has attained its own strong reputation all over the world. It is one of the most widely used app building platforms by small and medium sized businesses due its low- cost pricing plans. This platform is for those people who do not have any prior knowledge in app building and are building an app for the first time. The platform comes with many features like it allows users to upload e- books, integrate social media platforms, add in- app purchases and advertisements, connect to databases, create quick messaging apps and much more.

The platform is currently working on creating a good tutorial for its customers to eliminate their problems while implementing any particular feature in their app. The platform comes with a responsive chat support system, which enables the customer to call for assistance anytime. Any person can build apps through this platform with its user- friendly drag and drop interface and various affordable subscription plans. This platform is the fastest solution to simple app building, without requiring much knowledge. is a one stop solution for web apps, mobile apps, and progressive web apps(PWAs). Over the past decade, the platform has seen more than 10,000 apps being published using multi- purpose development tools and low- coding. One will need certain technical knowledge to create an app using this platform. The platform is cloud- based, which enables you to build apps for all the leading app stores. The best part of this platform is that it comes with complete access to its in-built components. You needn’t download or install anything to build your app. This speeds up your app building process.

The platform makes team collaboration easy. This means your developers, designers, business users and even customers can help in contributing to your development project in real-time. It also comes with a drag and drop interface to build the UI of your app. The application data can be stored in an instant by adding a cloud database and backing up your application whenever necessary. Users get complete support for their application building process. Users have an option to use the Appery plugin or develop their own custom private plugins to use in their application.

Game Salad

Game salad is a fantastic platform that helps you in building and publishing game applications for a number of platforms including android,iOS, HTML5, etc. The platform comes with a drag and drop interface that lets the user build a game application without any coding or programming skills. The game creator comes with scene and actor edit. This is the area where you would be setting up the actors in a scene and create attributes, sounds, images etc.

The platform has an active community forum, which offers help to the fellow independent game designers. It also helps you to learn computers through the app building process. The platform offers two plans, one for the educators and the other for developers. This platform enables you to build an app without writing a single line of code.

App Builder

App Builder comes with two different approaches and has a whole set of apps that would suit clients, employees, events and brochures. It comes with an intuitive dashboard and editor. This will be the right platform to go with if you are designing an app as an intranet for a company. You can build the app easily with the available toolkit. You can even avail help from the training or from The App Builder itself. This helps you in building the structure of your app and populate it with some content to begin with. You can use the dedicated App Library and offer a sneak peek into your app and customize it with your own branding.

The platform provides you with an option to protect both public and private apps with usernames and passwords, and distribute them via the app store. You can make several changes to the structure and content of your app even after its launch. You can build native apps to be launched on different platforms. Any changes you make to the existing app will go live within 60 seconds of making the change.


Nevercode is an advanced platform which is meant for skilled professionals who are working on various projects and need optimization. The motto of Nevercode is- Never code what you can automate.The platform automates the processes of app configuration, its setup, code analysis, deployment, testing along with launching the application in different stores. The platform increases the speed of app development with the help of automation. The setups for Ionic, Android, React Native and several other projects are automated.

The platform also comes with tools like Python, Bootstrap, Angular, Celery, Android and iOS SDK. It also supports third-party integrations. The platform comes with a 14 day trial period and provides the users with three types of subscription plans. The users can select one based on their budget.


AppMakr has nearly 2 million apps built on its platform. The app builder platform, AppMakr claims to develop an application in just twenty minutes, in a cost-efficient manner. They offer you a free plan that can be changed into a monthly or yearly subscription as per the requirements of the user. This platform provides numerous building blocks and gives users the choice to modify the design of their application. Visually, the editor of the app builder leaves you quite disappointed.On the whole, this is quite an affordable platform to start building your app but this platform definitely needs a major design overhaul.

Bizness Apps

Bizness is a great app building platform that enables you to build mobile apps for business through a simple process. The platform has a lot of features like e-commerce, third party app integrations, app analytics, push notifications and much more. One can create the app easily making use of their user-friendly content management system, which helps you to customize everything using your own designs. You can even check real-time app preview as you build it. Through this platform, you can easily update your app online and update it without having to follow the long process of updating on play stores. If the user gets stuck somewhere, he can make use of the tutorials and training materials available on this platform.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie has clients ranging from Disney to, making it one of the biggest players in the app building platform. There are numerous design options for users along with customizations. The platform is compatible with all media types. It offers several great community app features like chat, fan wall. The fan wall specially makes it interesting for artists and bands. The app allows smooth integration of music players, which is a big hit amongst the musicians. It also has some advanced app features like geo-targeting the content. With the platform offering more complex features, it takes longer to build an app. Apart from this, the platform should work on its user interface and make it a bit more intuitive.


Shoutem has only seen an upward graph since its launch in 2011. The platform has sleek template designs with customization options for users to create apps with unique designs. The platform comes with complete content management, seamless publishing option and strong user engagement tools. This platform is great for building event apps. The platform has a community feature called social wall, where the users are free to share their comments and photos. The subscription plans might burn a hole in your pocket. They aren’t expensive but they are not cheap either.

The platform is working to make their code available to developers. This would attract more and more people to work on additional extensions and features for them as the platform lags behind in this area. Despite its user experience and templates being exemplary, Shoutem still needs to work on the number of features it offers for building an app.

Though you can build apps with no technical knowledge and programming skill, if you want your app to be published in the App store or play store, you need to have some basic knowledge in image editing. Top quality visual elements are necessary while developing an app meant for user interaction. The process of app development is a never ending. The app launch is just the beginning of the entire process.

Once you launch your app into the market, you will start receiving feedback from your users. You need to build additional functionality and work on the feedback received. While the process of building an app is fun, there will be numerous instances where you would want to give up. You need to keep yourself highly motivated.

If you fail at building your own app, no worries you always have an option to visit here for hire best app developer. They help you through the process and make your innovation come out as an application.

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