6 Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your Router’s Performance

Ways To Boost Your Router’s Performance
Routers are now a necessity globally. In the current scenario, Internet has become a sensation nowadays. It is something that humans cannot function without anymore. The world is facing an extraordinary time, where all of us are battling a war sitting at our home. Almost the Whole world adopted work from home to get jobs and tasks done. Connectivity hence has become an inevitable part of our lives. The easiest medium to connect and communicate is through the internet.

Thanks to the Internet for providing us the means to adapt to the Covid-19 situation better. It is safe to say that the Internet has become an even more essential part of our lives at this moment. However, there are several times when your router may not be functioning and coordinating properly with the type of work you require the Internet for.

Wireless internet is the core of today’s generation and hence having strong internet support is necessary. Routers are cordless mediums which are easily accessible and manageable. Routers help computers communicate with the devices in the other networks; they can connect multiple users to the Internet. Connecting to the Internet requires a publicly unique IP address whose login guide you can easily get at https://routerlogin.one/login-to-virgin-router/. Unfortunately, the Internet offers only a single IP address or charges fees for large amounts of publicly routable addresses.

Since the router is a short word and it seems all vivid that it is easily accessible. Still, along with this, some very frustrating common issues are slow Wi-Fi connectivity, Poor Wi-Fi Range, Wi-Fi not working, and Stuck Wi-Fi connection, which disrupts our daily lives in a very significant manner.

In covid times almost all paperwork has shifted to online mode and from teaching to learning, communicating to participating, and so on. Everything has changed for its own good and worse.

So, your wi-fi performance can be worse because of many possible reasons. Physical barriers, such as walls and floors, can affect wireless signals. The distance between the device and the access point and the number of devices using your Wi-Fi network will also impact the connection speed. Even simple things like adjusting the height of your router off the floor can modify its performance etc. Well, you and I have both been in this boat of fluctuating connections, slow speed, poor range, etc., haven’t we? Not to worry, here are 6 quick and easy ways to boost your router’s performance!

Placement Of The Router

Deciding the location that you’re going to place the router in is an essential factor to boost your router’s performance.
  • You must place it at a higher position in order to make the signals reach your corresponding devices easily.
  • Make sure to avoid placing any objects within the router’s immediate vicinity as those obstacles may act as blocking barriers for signals being released.
  • Place the router in a centralized position so that it directs the signal to its surroundings with the same strength as it has omnidirectional antennas.

Having A Strong and Suitable Antenna

In several cases, the antenna(s) may come attached or be given as separate equipment. The antenna size depends on the space you require to use the WiFi. For instance, if you need WiFi at home, small clinics, etc. you would simply require just one small antenna for the router. However, if you require to use WiFi in a big firm like a big office, big shops, etc., you would either require more than one antenna or a big antenna to boost your router’s performance.

Modifying Your WiFi Frequency Channel

Generally, a router has two frequency bands. The signal’s strength, as well as its speed and quality, is dependent on the frequency bands. You should know that every one of the frequency bands consists of multiple channels chosen by the router for you. Once you change the frequency channel, you’re going to see a major boost in your connectivity.

In order to do so, type in your router’s given IP address onto a web browser, which will take you to your router’s online interface. Simply log in and specifically look for ‘WiFi settings’ and gradually ‘Change your band channel.’ Explore all you want to and decide which channel you help boost your router’s performance.

Rebooting The Router

At most times, the continuous usage or the over usage of WiFi might result in connectivity issues in terms of speed, signal strength, etc., even when all other router settings are set to proper. Many of us have experienced due to the pandemic; all family members are using WiFi at the same time for school, business meetings, attending workshops, etc. This is where rebooting the router comes in.

It is an extremely important step that you must often do, especially in the current scenario; in a pandemic. In other words, this step refers to turning off the router, waiting for at least a minute or two, and restarting it. This allows room for the proper functioning of the connection as well as for the smooth performance of the router. Furthermore, rebooting helps get rid of any sort of disturbance that might hinder your connection and eventually, drastically improve the speed and the range to which the router emits the signals.

Keeping The Router Updated Timely

Like every other application, it is equally important that the router be kept updated at all times. In recent scenarios, the highly increasing malware attacks are not resulting favorably for any individual. To eschew the possibility of facing such distress, ensure to update your router timely.

If by chance, a single time malware enters the router, the malware could probably affect the other routers negatively as well. Malware, if comparable, is a strong opponent for the router, which can worsen.

The router over time. The only cure is to keep the router updated so that you can witness a notable improvement in your connection and enjoy it at the same time.

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Connections

A lot of times, your WiFi may be accessible to unnecessary devices (of other people). Furthermore, there may be quite a few tech-savvy users living in your surroundings who may take advantage of their skills and use your WiFi connection. We may not give this enough thought or even importance, but this factor does reduce the router performance.

To be safe from this, make sure to frequently change your default username as well as the password on the router. This would help to boost the router’s performance as well as secure your system simultaneously.

These were the six easy and quick ways to boost your router’s performance so that you don’t face lag, speed issues, signal strength issues, or any kind of connectivity issues in between your work or rest time. So enjoy the swift connection and browse all you want now!

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