5 Best Cloud Gaming Services To Stream Your Game Online

5 Best Cloud Gaming Services
Humans often make mistakes, and one of the most common ones is manhandling our phones, computers, or laptops. They slip out of our hands out of clumsiness and hit the floor with a noise that sends a shiver down our spine; the cloud of fear and despair takes over.

After realizing the damage caused to the device’s hardware, the next thing that follows is all our photos, documents, music, videos, games have left us along with the destruction of the device. The memories made in the device are now only a part of our brain and not the local disk or hardware that had all the storage. This is when Cloud comes to the rescue. But, when cloud storage is full this guide from TechiePlus, helps you get more space on it for free.

In technical terms, the Cloud stores data, sources, services, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence in data centers that are over the internet. Everything stored in this cloud can be accessed through multiple devices. Instead of using a hard drive or local disk of the computer, the cloud allows you to store all the data in it. So even if your hard drive crashes, you still have a cloud backup! Aware of the fact that your data is over the internet, it will not be accessed by anybody but you. A secured cloud service that asks for the user to keep a password only allows access to the particular user. To add a cherry on top of the cake, the users are not supposed to back up storage manually, but the cloud does so without the direct management of the user.

If we take Instagram as an example for cloud, the social networking site allows you to log in through many devices. All your messages, photos you have posted, the stories you have uploaded are stored in the data center through your account. Therefore, you are not losing out on any memories. Similarly, WhatsApp chat backup, google drive, and Facebook.

Cloud gaming is also referred to as game streaming but is nowhere related to game streamers or YouTubers playing PubG or Among Us live. Cloud gaming is a technology that allows users to use any machine or device to play the most demanded games at higher settings. So instead of downloading the game and saving it on your hard drive, you play online on a cloud gaming service. All you need is a device or simply a display to play the game through a cloud gaming or game streaming service. Now you can use any device, a laptop, computer, tablet to play this game with the highest quality settings. Relieving you from the stress of transferring your files from one device to another because you now have everything in one cloud!

I say Scout (one of the most famous game streamers and not to mention controversial) has promised his subscribers that he’ll play PubG tonight. Unfortunately, the computer that he regularly uses has now hit the floor because of his clumsiness. He instead uses his laptop or mobile phone to stream online in the cloud gaming or game streaming services. Scout, at the end of the day, has kept his promise and also satisfied his subscribers.

The Internet is one of the most important requirements for cloud gaming service. However, it depends on the cloud gaming service that you are using, as some need high-speed internet while some work at moderate speed. Access to a cloud gaming service needs a monthly subscription. Any device can be used for cloud gaming service.

There are benefits of cloud gaming service like the efficiency of costs as we don’t need to invest money in hardware appliances. The most enjoyed benefit of cloud gaming is that it provides mobility. Multiple games can be played on any device by just a login. Maintenance is not required in cloud gaming simply because you don’t need to maintain anything. Instead of downloading a 20GB or a 48GB game on your PC, you can play it online.

Cloud gaming comes with benefits along with limitations too. Gamers need a stable and high internet speed connectivity to stream online. While some areas may not have good network connections, enjoying the high qualities of cloud gaming will be limited.

Not to mention the high requirement of bandwidth as streaming for an hour needs more than 25GB.

With the increasing popularity of cloud gaming services, here are the best 5 cloud gaming services to stream online:


Mentioned first in the list because of its growing preference over its competitors. Formerly known as NVIDIA GRID, Nvidia revealed its official name on September 30, 2015.

GeForce is a brand used by Nvidia for its cloud gaming service.

Nvidia promises to transfer your PC, smartphone, or tablet instantly into a gaming device.

As of the limited time offer now, GeForce Now offers roughly around a $5 monthly subscription. The connection speed to stream games on GeForce Now is 25 Mbps for 1080p gaming and 15 Mbps for 720p. Its most distinctive feature is that it does not offer payment to sign up for its base plan.

PlayStation Now

Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this service allows its members to stream PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

It offers over 800 games for its members to stream online from the PlayStation library.

If you sign up for a monthly plan, it offers $10 per month, but the yearly plan is more affordable. You pay $60 per year, so every month, you’re paying $5. PlayStation requires a minimum connection speed of 5 Mbps, and the gameplay is limited to 720p. However, a separate PlayStation controller is required to use the gaming service.


Parsec promises to connect millions to their games, work, and people no matter where the place, across ultra-high definition and crystal clear quality. Parsec has partnered with AWS and Paperspace. As Parsec only pays for the hours you play on the cloud gaming service instead of a monthly subscription fee, the rent cost to be paid for a server per hour is 50 cent-80 cent. Parsec in this factor is more affordable when compared to its competitors as well as unique in its own rights. Parsec provides 60FPS gaming, which is more economical if you have longer or shorter sessions in general.

Its most outstanding feature is that if you pause gaming, it does not charge a single penny for it, often misunderstood because of the reason that you’re paying on an hourly basis. This feature comes out as an advantage for the users when compared to gaming services charging monthly subscriptions.


Vortex promises low latency game streaming because it adjusts your video-quality to your network condition. Vortex offers 164 games in its library, along with simple steps for running and getting up. Vortex has a very severe setback when compared to Parsec or GeForce Now.

The most economical plan offered by vortex costs around $30 as you get only 50 hours of gameplay in a month. Gradually increasing to 80 hours followed by 140 hours on the plans. This costs $20 resulting in costing $30 on a monthly basis, respectively.


Shadow is one of the most loved cloud gaming services but also one of the most expensive. The services provided by this cloud gaming service are exceptional, often leading to not giving importance to the latter drawback.

Shadow has a vast library of games available for its customers and a high refresh-rate. It allows 4K gaming at 60Hz depending on the plan you have bought. It requires a minimum 15 Mbps connection speed for an optimal performance. In the mobile segment, Shadow is available on iOS and Android, while on the PC space, it is allowed on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

Coming to Shadow’s one drawback, the subscription fees as it is the most expensive cloud gaming service than the former four. Shadow’s standard plan costs $12 increasing upto $40. This cloud gaming service offers a 6-crore CPU(4Hz), 32 GB RAM, and also an RTX Titan for its highest plan.

Although expensive and the least affordable on the list, while considering this drawback, we should ignore the fact that to buy a computer with this configuration will lead to spending ten years worth of the subscription price at once. Not to mention the number of repairs you will have to undergo for the maintenance of hardware. The setback into an advantage as cloud gaming service does not require maintenance.
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