App Marketing Strategies Built To Make Your App Successful

Marketing Strategies Built To Make Your App Successful
Developing an app is an achievement. With so much of efforts and time entailed in the whole procedure of designing and developing, examining and launching, making an efficient and effective marketing strategy would be the last thing which a developer may be thinking of.

In the world of the app industry, there has a life of the problem linked with affluence. With a flow of mobile apps in different app stores, success is not guaranteed if our new app has all the necessary features. This is additionally assembled with a high failure rate due to the availability of different nicely designed and developed apps on the app stores. The truth is that it does not depends much on the qualities of your app but mainly depends upon the solid marketing strategies which ultimately sells it. The proper marketing of ‘promised value’ can actually act as a key differential.

It is very essential to make a marketing strategy before launch for brand awareness and promotion. After all, nobody is going to download your app which does not create a buzz around it.

Types Of Ad Campaigns Depending On The Ad Format

Below is the list of different types of Ad campaigns depending on the Ad Format:

Banner Advertisements:

Mobile banner advertisement is one of the most successful and common ad formats proffered by different advertisement networks. These ads are shown either on the top or at the bottom of the screen. Banner ads are quite easy to communicate without taking so much of time and also it is crucial to ensure that these advertisements are efficient and effective to convey the desired message.

Interstitial Advertisements:

Interstitial actually means in-between. Interstitial advertisements can be kept between the transition points in the app. It can be easily done during the completion of the levels, during the launch or if it’s a gaming app or can be also done if it’s video pre-roll app. They are more tend and intricate to be full-screen ads.

Video Ads:

video ads are the best and the most liked form of advertisements. People generally don't get bored by watching interactive and short videos based on commercial promotion.

Rich media ads:

Rich media ads aim to provide the best experience to their users by multimedia experiences which is actually more than just showing animations, videos, pictures, text, etc. These type of advertisements deliver information much more conveniently and effectively if we compare it with conventional banner ads. In addition to this, it makes the advertisement more catchy and attractive.

Push Notification Ads:

Push notification advertisements are one of the best tools for marketing today. According to research, once a user downloads an app, about 68% prefer to accept the push notification add from that very app.

App wall:

Single in-app interstitial which is basically made up of multiple apps and which shows different ads the same time is called App wall. Integrating an app wall can help us a lot to generate a good amount of income.

Incentivised/Reward apps:

Incentivised or reward-based apps basically aims to provide users with different attractive coupon codes or offers so that they download the app easily. This strategy makes the apps especially the gaming ones more interactive for their in-app achievements. It also creates an efficient and effective method of boosting app engagement.

Home screen Icon:

If one integrates this type of ad format then an icon of the app shows up on the home screen of the user during the time when he/she downloads and installs the app.
Marketing Strategies Built To Make Your App Successful

Ad Campaigns Based On The Pricing Models

Here are some ad campaigns based on the pricing models


CPI stands for cost per install offers a great benefit to the hard-headed developers as they are paid with a certain amount when the app is installed by a user.


The full form of CPM is Cost per Thousand Impressions where the developers have the liability to pay a certain amount after every one thousand times their ad is shown.


CPC stands for Cost per click. This type of model has been already exploited by web designers. There is a fixed amount which has to be paid after every time someone makes a click on the app.


Well, SEO which stands for search engine optimization also plays a very important role in improving the rank of any website when users search for specific phrases or words.

If someone who is not sure about why it happens, they should think twice how they find normal information on the internet during their daily life. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of SEO, let's have a look:
  • SEO targets the quality traffic and helps the user to boost the traffic rate on their website.
  • The organic ranking of Google totally depends on its algorithm which determines to provide the best results for any given query. We need to pay for the ads in SEO.
  • SEO easily gets more clicks if we compare it with PPC.
  • SEO also helps in PR which simply means we can easily build strong goodwill of our app.
  • One can easily move ahead of the competition with the help of SEO.

By wrapping up the article, we can easily conclude that there are different marketing strategies which can help us to promote our app and take it to the next ultimate level.

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