Make Money With Vlogging On YouTube And Its Alternatives

Make Money With Vlogging On YouTube
What is a vlog? A vlog means a video blog and a vlogger basically shares videos from personal life, experiences, opinions, and thoughts with the world.

To get loyal fans, the necessity is to create unique and original content. Differentiate yourself from competitor vloggers with personal and mesmerizing videos.

There is a world of difference between traditional blogging, and video blogging i.e. vlogging.

If you want to start a vlog, YouTube is the ultimate choice. After Google, YouTube is the most used search engine and most visited website. You can have global access to the audience with YouTube. Across every age group, YouTube is very popular. There are many channels with young kids as a target audience, for example, a toy review channel and many other channels with an audience from every age group, for example, a comedy show channel.

If a vlogger succeeds in gaining 4000 hours of view time and hitting 1000 subscribers in 12 months, he/she can make a good amount of money. A person can earn 2$-4$ with every 1000 views. It might seem less but if there are 50 videos with 4000 views, you can make up to 800$ easily. Just imagine! You started hitting million of views.

How Can You Start Vlogging On YouTube?

Following is provided a step-by-step guide on how to start your own YouTube channel:


  1. Using your Google account, you have to log in to YouTube.
  2. Create your new channel by clicking on “create a new channel” after going to your channel list.
  3. With your creativity, you have to create a unique name for your YouTube channel. Also, the account name should be different from a personal Google account name.
  4. Type your phone number and then a code will be sent to you. After confirming the code your account will be verified.


  1. To add a channel icon, channel art, and channel description select “customize channel”. You can also add featured channels by clicking on “customize channel”.
  2. You have to enable features like, live streaming, custom thumbnails, videos that are longer than 15 minutes, easy-to-remember custom URL, monetization and other features.

It is suggested that you should enable those features from above given whatever your channel is eligible for. To have access to other features you have to build an audience base.

After your channel is live and customized, get ready to upload new content.

Other Options Than YouTube

You should explore different video platforms. Although YouTube is the biggest platform for vloggers no one knows where destiny takes you. What does the future bring? Maybe your channel doesn’t get popular on YouTube, maybe it gets banned, maybe after some time, it starts becoming less popular and maybe it dies one day. There can be many more consequences. You can’t control YouTube but also you are not in control of it. You can gain profits from alternatives of YouTube so you should explore other video platforms to take a maximum number of advantages from them.

You Can Diversify Into Following YouTube Alternatives

  1. Instagram and IGTV: Monthly active users of Instagram are more than 1 billion. With a new feature, IGTV vloggers are allowed to upload a video of up to one hour. In the video description, you can add links. The title of your video should not be more than 75 characters. You can see numerous mushrooming fashion and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. For food, travel, fashion and other lifestyle content, Instagram is great. One issue is that you need to change the format of your videos for uploading a YouTube video on Instagram. With the help of an application, you can convert your existing YouTube video into the correct format for Instagram.
  2. Facebook: On a daily basis, there are more than 100 million hours of watch for videos and the views are more than eight billion. It is a very huge platform for live streaming as well.

How Can You Optimize Your YouTube Channel?

In order to the optimization of your channel, you need to trail the following tips.
  1. Increase the number of videos: It is very important to focus on the size of your YouTube channel. By increasing your video count and following the right publishing schedule, you can optimize your channel.
  2. Keep your uploads regular: With regular uploads, you can match the algorithm. By publishing new content, on a regular basis, you can build a consistent audience. Make a schedule for releasing a new video daily. You can build a buzz in your audience by providing prior information of new upload. Your followers will look forward to new videos.
  3. Quality of video: In a search result, a low-quality video gets lesser prominence than a high definition video. HD format is beneficial for shooting and uploading your videos.
  4. Focus to increase your audience: The number of subscribers signals how good you are as an influencer. By increasing the number of subscribers, you can increase views for your videos.

How to increase viewers?

  1. Ask in the beginning or end of your video to subscribe to your channel.
  2. By adding a watermark, you can give a nice overlay on your videos and people will find it easy to subscribe.
  3. Encourage non-subscribers and tell them to subscribe with a channel trailer.
  4. Use some hook lines to attract the viewers like, “don’t miss an update” or “see me in next video doing-----”
  5. Indulge yourself in giving time to reply to the comments. Encourage comments and ask your viewers to leave a question or feedback in the comment section.

You can make money from YouTube and other alternatives every single day! Start now.

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