Rise Of BOYD And Strategies To Follow To Ensure Mobile App Success

Strategies To Follow To Ensure Mobile App Success
There are lots of mobile apps available for download which is the primary contributor to the ever-increasing global app revenue. You will see a lot of use of personal mobile devices almost everywhere, be it in your workplace, in the tube or when you watch the match between Lakers and Wild Cat.

There are several researches conducted that indicates a few promising points such as:
  • 87% of all businesses largely depend on the use of different mobile devices for the accessibility to work resources
  • Three businesses are better off when compared to those businesses that try to prevent such use of personal mobile devices and
  • This gave rise to the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device concept.

However, market research also shows that about 78% of companies disallow BYOD in their workplace citing security concerns. Over the years, mobile security has improved and therefore more and more businesses are now adapting the BOYD concept and making the necessary changes in their policies.

Research also shows that an increase in productivity among employees is noticed when BOYD concept is followed in a workplace.
  • This makes a lot of sense given the fact that these personal mobile devices are used on a daily basis making it easier for the employees to navigate as well as stay organized in their work.
  • As for the business it helps them to cut down the costs on new hardware.

There are lots of companies that corroborated the fact that there was about 34% increase in productivity experienced by them when they allowed their employees to use their personal mobile devices for work.

Biometrics Advancements

Since security of the mobile devices has been the primary concern of people, modern mobile devices use biometrics to enhance the security features. A few specific biometrics used in the modern mobile devices include:
  • Voice recognition
  • Signature recognition
  • Facial recognition and
  • Fingerprint recognition.

You may be presently using a mobile device with a few of these metrics and features installed in it and it is needless to say that you will see a lot more of it in the coming years.

Mobile App Success

With the rise in use of mobile devices comes the rise of mobile app development. You will see a lot of such apps come up in the last couple of months, yes, months! All businesses have started to take action in this matter. According to Lopez Research it is found that more than half of the companies surveyed by them already have a plan to create and launch 20 and even more enterprise mobile apps.

However, all may not have the same efficacy to provide the similar level of mobility to a business. This is because there are diverse types of devices such as:
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and
  • Wearable devices such as smart watch and others.

The increase in the volume of devices also plays a significant part is the enterprise resources of the company. Different studies say that:
  • At present, there are over 6 billion mobile phone users all over the world and
  • The figure is likely to increase in tens of billions in a few years from now.

Moreover, industry experts believe that it is the huge potential and promise of the rapidly growing Internet of Things or IoT have added fuel to it. These IoT devices us a new operating system which warrants for the change in the way in which software are build and services provided.

This shifty in technology has also provided the businesses with a lot of opportunity to change their ways to engage with their customers, bring about a transaction and even in the way in which they communicate with their employees and partners.

Strategies To Follow

If you want to make the most of the advantages provided by these new technologies you must ensure that you develop and app that will be most functional in incorporating data and services as well as easily accessible across all mobile devices.

For this you will need to follow the best strategy to make your mobile app a success. Just like several companies have already started you too will have to know and use the cloud infrastructure and platform to provide easy service solutions and support all different types of mobile device users and their diverse initiatives.

The business and technical strategies followed by the leading companies that you need to know and follow in this mobile cloud era are:
  • Use of flexible platforms is mandatory as that will enable you to have scalable mobile app development. This is the most common thing to do and focus on for every company that wants to move beyond creating just five or ten apps. For this you will need to look for better tools and software to scale your app development efforts.
  • You must design platforms that will help the users to find different modules offering standard based interfaces that will support a lot of critical management elements such as app catalogs, app version control, performance analytics, testing, and security along with its entire lifecycle management.
  • Ensuring security of data across all devices, networks and clouds is another thing that you should focus on. You must ensure that the data perimeter flows seamlessly and securely through different data centers, clouds and mobile devices.
  • Your app must be pretty to transactional so that it can connect to data from different back end systems or else it will be termed useless being unable to meet the needs of the users. It should have optimized access to a large variety of enterprise systems such as Oracle ORCL +0%, custom application, SAP, and legacy databases.
  • Your mobile apps should be a useful tool to collect data from multiple systems so that it clearly represents the entire workflow in a useable format where the user can take action the necessary action immediately. For this you will need to use mobile middleware or sync software and enterprise integration.

All these strategies will help your app to link data from several different systems such as databases, enterprise resource planning, and even financial systems.

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