Start A Free Website With 8b – Online Website Builder Review

Start A Free Website With 8b
In this world of tech and gadgets every company, organization, club, society and even personalities have their own websites and nowadays blogging websites are on peaks.

But not everyone knows how to play with the code and make the best website out of it possible. For nontechies online website builder started coming in with there elite designs but with cost for every feature.

This was a game changer for web developers, since now everyone goes for their solution online and get the job done.

How about I tell you that you can build your own website with some great features for free.

Don’t believe me? Read along than.

What Is 8b Website Builder

Start A Free Website With 8b
Don’t have how to program? But still wish for an effective website. Well, look no more 8b is the perfect website builder for you guys.

8b Web Builder is a free online tool that let’s you create your very own website, which is fast, optimized for mobile and Friendly with google in only a few minutes.

Catchy Templates

You don’t have to code to create the perfect website because the most modern templates are available on 8b. Just choose one and you will be on your way to creating a masterpiece of your own or your organization or just a blog.

Creating A Free Website

Only 4 simple steps to owning the perfect website of your choice. The best thing you don’t have to be a web developer or any kind of techy to create your website on 8b, which makes you the boss over your website. Feel the power yet? No time to wait now, let me show you the 4 simple steps.

Sign Up/ Pick A Theme:

8b Website Builder is auto-detective and very precise, so its very easy to create an account on the website.

Click on the “Create Free Website” in the right corner above. Got a Google/ Facebook account? The best 2 ways to sign up instantly, just click one on your choice signup page and you are ready to create your own website on 8b.
Start A Free Website With 8b
After signing up you will be directed to picking up the best template for your site. Choose freely whatever you desire to be in your website. If you don’t want to link Facebook or Google, then that’s just fine scroll down and you can see the email bar where you can sign up using your email.

Personalizing Templates:

The best part about these templates is that they are customizable. You can change all content in your own way whatever the way you feel fit. You find template of any case. After you choose your theme name your work and just click on the “Create Site” button.

It’s time to create your website. A site is ready in front of your eyes which you can change however you want. Don’t want to bring any change? Fine, just put in your content for the website.

You can just click on the plus sign and see the list of the sections for use use drag and drop to add sections to your website. Here all sections are available for your interaction with our User Interface. Features, Headers, Menus, Team sections and much more. Every section has a unique representation.

It’s possible to completed change the layout of the selected section. You can also change the content’s alignment or how many columns that you desire.
Start A Free Website With 8b
And with the customize section, go exploring your sections and edit or even remove them.

Publish the Website:

At the point when your site is done, you must publish it. With 8b free web builder and hosting it wouldn't require any exertion. Be that as it may, from the outset, you should think about some different choices for 8b free web designer and possess space, which could assist you with improving the content by your website. Click on Hamburger and after that on Settings. In the opened menu it's easy to change the site's name, favicon, area; set Google Index, Site Analytics; pick PWA and evacuate unused CSS. Likewise, you can rename the current domain or associate it to your own.

Every one of these alternatives could significantly improve your work. Evacuating the unused CSS would assist you with increasing the transferring/ uploading. Google Index and Site Analytics would put your site higher on Google's rundown.

After this, you can without much of a stretch publish your site. Click on the Hamburger and after that on Publish. That is, it, your site is now online (Published). Presently you can see the Congratulations message. It would offer you to contact your site with your new domain so that you can index it. You’re able to return to the editor mode. If you want to do that, you will have to close the message and click on the Back to Edit sign in the left upper corner. Likewise, you can review your site in the smartphone mode. On the off chance that you must do it, click on the Mobile Preview symbol on the correct side from the Back to Edit sign.


Advantages for using 8b the Free Website Builder are:
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Variety of templates
  • Responsive Design
  • AMP Optimization
  • Free and Online
  • Publish Easily


8b Website Builder is the best Free website builder with respect to designing, responsiveness of website. A time saving and cost saving website builder and the best part about it, you can use it even if you know nothing from code to tech.
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