How WordPress Is The Future Of Web Development And Why We Need It?

WordPress Is The Future Of Web Development
Although it’s true that one of the biggest web development website, WordPress, started out as a blogging tool – it’s simply not the same case anymore. In fact, WordPress has evolved as years passed and is now a powerful website building tool as well as a content management system (CMS).

Furthermore, unlike other website management and building tools, WordPress is simple and easy to use. It is also flexible when it comes to developers wanting to make websites with different types or styles. That’s actually the main reason why many developers and business owners prefer using WordPress as a building tool for their website.

Additionally, the results of a recent survey revealed that 32.3% of all websites that exist on the Internet are powered by WordPress. These include Facebook, Time Magazine, New York Times, Disney, and many others.

What Makes WordPress So Great?

While powering up over a million websites, WordPress strives to provide more than 15,000 plug-ins to allow users and developers the freedom to design any type of website they want. The best part is that they can be created from scratch for only a fraction of the actual price it takes to create a website. Not only that but it’s also an open source formatting tool that enables many web developers to customize and reprogram to manipulate websites at their will.

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To give you a good example, an e-commerce store that is created using WordPress has the option to choose from multiple plug-ins and customize the overall website however the owner wants. Moreover, if the website lacks anything or is missing out on the new trends, WordPress’ web developers can reprogram it to add any trending features or literally make any changes that you may want.

Although this option wasn’t as popular back in the day, it’s now very demanding. For example, a web development company would always want to design their websites in a way that is approved by their clients. No matter how unique and different the idea is.

WordPress Is Free

Perhaps the first thing that business owners and web developers should know is that unlike other website building tools, WordPress is free software that doesn’t demand money from its users. This means that you’re free to download, use, and modify your website through it without paying anything in return. However, while the WordPress software itself is free-of-cost, you’ll still need to get web hosting and a domain name.

Can’t A WordPress Website Be Made Without A Web Developer?

While it’s definitely easy to set-up a WordPress website and you don’t have to be tech-savy to use its tools, there’s still so much that needs to be handled every single day. Businesses who won WordPress websites don’t have a lot of time to spare for consistently checking their website for updating or maintaining it.

This is where a web designer comes and handles everything for the company. Designers know exactly what kind of website to develop that can attract millions of netizens to certain businesses.

How WordPress Is The Future For Web Development?

It’s simple. Anyone who recognizes WordPress as a winning horse for their business is already setting a good future for their company. The reason is that WordPress is consistently growing into the world’s largest platform for website development and design.

Since its popularity in 2012, a majority of people and businesses have already jumped into the bandwagon of learning WordPress. However, when it comes to real development experience, web developers are the ones that know how to take real advantage of the website building tool.

Moreover, the thing that everyone likes about WordPress in 2019 is that its market is big. Meaning that developers can choose from any niche they want before making a website and these sites can have a higher chance of ranking in the search engines. Due to this, there’s a good chance that a lot of people are going to come across your website and allow you to be successful in your ventures.

WordPress – It’s A Universe Of Opportunities

While you may only remembering seeing blogging websites powered by WordPress, that’s not entirely the case. In fact, the tool can offer a variety of different types of products and services which developers can use. From an e-commerce website to a social media one, where millions of people might store their data and daily activities. Developers can take any niche and turn it into any type of website they want. Thus, allowing creativity to flow and many great opportunities unveiling itself.

Although it’s true that many companies tend to have some difficulties with their website building tools, WordPress is free from any risks of disappearing or malfunctioning. With this tool, there’s a whole left of chances left available for web developers.

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