Easy Photo Editing Tips And Tricks - Every Mac User Should Know

Easy Photo Editing Tips And Tricks
Apple is known as one of the biggest company in this current market place. Their expert CEO team regularly updates their instruments to make their products better to use. This high technology product attracts customers and helps the company to make a high profit over the year. Apple product is also available online so that consumers can buy it smoothly. By using some effective strategy and the formula they became one of the largest companies in this world.

They already created a monopolistic market place. Apple’s Mac is another effective product. Some people strongly believe that a Mac computer is very effective to edit images and videos. Mac users have been using some handy photo editors to make their images more attractive. If you are a Mac user, you can follow some tips and tricks which will help you to get the best impressive results.

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Before Start:

First of all, you need to update the latest version of macOS software. Then, turn on iCloud Photos on your Mac to make sure that your required photos are available for retouching. iCloud Photos will help to keep your images organized. So, if you edit something on your Mac, it will also display on other devices. However, to edit an image, click twice on an image and then choose Edit in the toolbar. To get an edit view of an image, you can also click Command-Return. Then, you will get some effective options for editing.


You can use some handy power tools to adjust light, sharpness, color, saturation, hue, tint, contrast, shadows, exposure, etc. By using sliders or clicking on the auto button, it is really easy to adjust these issues. By selecting the triangle next, you will get all the options the tool offers. If you are interested to use the adjustment from one image to another, you can copy and paste them. Choose the image that has the coordination you need then select Edit. After selecting the Edit button, click ‘image’. Then choose ‘Copy Adjustments’. Now, go back to the image you want to apply adjustments. Click edit and select ‘image’, then choose ‘Paste adjustment’.

Selective Color Tool Is Effective:

By using the selective color tool, you can shift green to blue. It is a brand new bludgeoning instrument in photos on macOS. One can easily synthesize the apparition of a specific hue. First of all, you need to custom hue by using the ‘eyedropper’. Then you can synthesize Saturation, Hue, and Luminance which will help to make your required changes. Selective color tool is also important to determine the color range of an image. Selective color tool in Apple’s photos app is more fast and usable than Photoshop. But, you can’t apply more than a single color in one image.

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Use Photos Extensions:

You can use Photos extensions to boost the potential of the apps. For Mac photo editor, you will find lots of extensions. They will help you to adjust images quickly and enhance images according to your requirements. For fast and automatic photo edit, Photo lemur tool is perfect.

This tool will help to apply amazing looks, fix saturation and adjust vibrancy. Aurora is a good choice for HDR bracketing. There are multiple professional tools such as Pixelmator, Affinity Photo, and BeFunky, etc which also work on editing photos. Mac users love to use some effective third party editing extensions for this image editor.

This third party editing extensions only designed for photos. They are found on the Mac App Store. You need to click on the right side of the photo to start editing with extension. You will find ‘edit with’ function in the drop-down menu. Click that option to continue.

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Use Edit Levels And Curves:

The levels tools help you to synthesize a photo’s shadows, black point, white point, highlight, and mid tones. You can switch between Luminance and RGB by using a pop-up menu. You can change the Red, Green and Blue areas individually.

A curve is a new tool to Photos on macOS High Sierra. It is almost similar to Photoshop. By using eyedropper tools, you can fix white, grey and black points. This tool is also effective to synthesize curve and adjust Red, Green and Blue channels.

Use Filters:

You can use light filters to get the more artsy look. It will not be a wise decision to use any filters you will find in the image editor. Try to utilize recognized image editor such as Luminar, Photoshop or Photo. Try to avoid those filters which will destroy your creation. The subtle way can be an effective process.

Crop And Grid:

The number of megapixels of your camera can’t ensure a high-quality image. You can crop your image to get better quality images.

Using the Rule of Thirds to create images is preferable. It is grid which can be found in lots of image editors like Apple’s own Photos and Luminar. If you don’t have sufficient time to frame your shoot, you can sure this kind of grid to achieve better composition.

Ask For Background Removal Services:

Photo background removing is an essential step to increase photo editing quality. Professional graphics editors are interested to utilize photo editing tools which help them to remove the background from an image. If the background of an image is not enough to fill up your need, you can adjust them according to your requirements by taking help from professional photo background removal services.

They use some modern graphics editor to reform shadows of background, adjust the brighten of the backgrounds, change shapes or fix colors. Photo editing experts use some necessary steps to remove background from an image. First of all, they receive a photo of their customers and download this photo.

Then, they send it to a personal local server. The expert team of the organization tries to select the path of all part of the photo. Another team create a unique layer or erase the background from an image according to the customer’s demand. You will find many background removal services which will help to get the perfect image.

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