Redesigning An App To Seek Higher Mobile App Engagement

Redesigning An App To Seek Higher Mobile App Engagement
No matter if you are a tech-savvy or a newbie, the market of Mobile Apps is tough for all us out there. Technology has forced every individual to come to terms with the internet, then the website, as well as mobile apps.

Thus, in every corner you can find a mobile application design booming, soon coming to the market. If you think the place of app development is tough to survive, then let us tell you it is just the beginning. More hurdles, challenges, adaptation will come along the way.

And, remember, with so many apps in the market, the conversion moves from tough to tougher. So, building an app by fulfilling only customer needs won’t fit the idea of ROI.

The millennials spend an essential amount of time on apps, so it is the onus of app development companies to make their engagement worth the while.

With the red flag to improve the brand image of the website, step into the world of redesigning the app. Until when the users shall keep using the old tricks and gestures?

Mobile developers in the market are falling like autumn leaves because they lack to give something contemporary.

This indicates that with the onset of the new season, every app needs a touch of improvement. Do not mistake improvements with bug fixes, we are talking about features, layout, and other elements of the app.

Heed for the following tips, as your mobile app design is about to get the best from better.

The Uproar Of Onboard Experience

where the entire story begins. If you fail to serve the users with a simple onboarding experience, your app will see the light of abandonment.

And trust us, app failure in the initial stage is treated as one of the biggest drawbacks. What is the point of all the features sitting beneath that signup, when users don’t get a chance to see them.

In frustration, the users leave the app, even before knowing all perks that came along with the features.

Now buckle up, if you want to make the first step right...we shall follow the points given and reduce the time users spend while signing up.
  • Come with multiple options to register, like Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. moreover, keep the number of fields crisp and limited to the needs.
  • Avoid too many tabs before presenting the actual face of the app. It might sound like a surprise strategy. However, the users are not going to wait long enough in this case.
  • In a faceoff with customers, feed their mind with the benefits of app features, when they are yet to enter the application.

The One-Size-Fits-All App Approach

Many app owners have made a grieve mistake by generalizing the audience reach. Thus, the app has no target persona, particular likes or dislikes of the users.

In the viewer’s eyes, such apps withhold a standard significance. The experience may be seamlessly smooth, but there are no outbound features that retain the user.

In order to focus more on creativity, the app needs to have a target audience. Thus, your one-size-fits-all lacks the ability to cross that boundary.

The sooner you ditch the standard market and grab the attention of specific users, the app will enter the stage of personalization. Holding each user’s hand with innovation, they are less likely to leave the app in a short span.

Key points to let you target the audience better are:
  • With the help of data analytics, mobile app owners can trace user engagement.
  • The targeted campaigns focussing on user needs help curate the app with personalized features.
  • The metrics found on the tools, showcase the path to app performance. Keep an eye on the target set and goals achieved, to change or improve the campaign accordingly.

Are There Too Many App Permissions?

Redesigning An App To Seek Higher Mobile App Engagement
With the pace of technology growing each day and each second, the apps are able to manage a plethora of things. With access to our phone data, the app development companies get a better insight over customer’s needs.

But it is possible that in order to access one or two sets of information, you are asking for too many app permissions? Yes, it so happens that app owners need only a few details but can end up asking everything from location, contacts, photos, etc.

Most the time every piece of data is not essential, thus in such case, it sounds better to avoid few permissions and direct the user to the app as soon as possible.

Push Notifications: Leveraging App Technology

How often have users downloaded the app, kept it inside the phone for a long time, but failed to use it for a long time? The scenario is quite common for apps which fail to come in the limelight.

The U.S metrics of April 2019 show that 25% of users abandon the app after one use. Why? Because the users fail to recognize its features.

With push notifications, you can catch the user’s attention, remind them of your app and avoiding going into the trash because they don’t need you anymore.
Redesigning An App To Seek Higher Mobile App Engagement
Show your care and affection by reminding them of little details of the app. Apps like Uber, Zomato, Netflix are floating on the user’s screen from time and again.

Hence, one or the other way, push notifications are reminding the users of app existence.

Embedding such messages on special occasions triggers higher conversion. For example, Zomato comes out with special offers on the mobile screen during events like IPL and World Cup match.

The TV series lover will draw back to Netflix by looking at the notification of a new show on the screen.

Navigating To The End...

Change... Nah, actually, an upgrade is the law of nature.

A Mobile UI design company aims to create user-personified apps. Even with every feature, layout, and user-experience on point, the apps need a boost at regular intervals.

You might fear that redesigning the app will fetch bad reviews from the users. Remember, users, don’t know what they really need unless they experience it. The wildfire of critics should not stop you from trying something innovative.

If you experiment with the app with a different layout, navigation or features, the users will take a while to get familiar. But eventually, the benefits behind the redesign was all they ever wanted.

In the end, not every user will be seen with a smile of satisfaction, however, a large scale analysis portrays a different and positive side of the picture.

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