10 Social Media Marketing Trends To Know In 2020

10 Social Media Marketing Trends
Like most digital marketing channels, social media is always changing. Social networks are always adding new features to enrich the experience of users. Social media marketing trends make users engage with their best brands in many ways.

Furthermore, marketers use the changes to captivate their audience through different tools.

Here are the trends happening on social media in 2019:

1. Engagement Matters More Than Ever

Facebook announced in early 2018 on the importance of meaningful interactions. In other words, Facebook favors content that sparks conversation. The move inspired most page managers to post more engaging content.

Organic reach is becoming difficult. To survive, marketers should create content that is interesting, engaging, and attractive. Algorithms are getting smarter, and so shortcuts won't create genuine engagement.

These days, it's no longer enough to get people to comment, share, or like a post. Social media channels are trying to discourage engagement bait techniques. Thus, using such techniques may see you lose your existing reach in the long-term.

2. Influencer Marketing

The use of influencer marketing has become a critical aspect of social media trends. Influencers continue to earn well via paid sponsorships. This is because they have huge followings that brands envy.

Brands are ever looking for the best experts to run their campaigns.

The growth of influencer marketing limits small and medium-sized businesses from affording influencers. Lucky enough, micro-influencers help to bridge this gap. Micro-influencers may not have a huge impact on celebrities.

But, their impact on their followers is huge. Even 10,000 followers are a perfect audience for your brand provided they are in your niche.

3. AI And Customer Service

Automated messaging and bots are already part of the customer service of most brands. Chatbots are now part of the Messenger app. Brands use this opportunity to add extra customer support to their mix.

Most brands are taking time to program bots to ensure they sound as genuine as possible. Part of the programming includes predicting many customer questions. As a brand, you should take advantage of the AI to provide answers to most of your users’ questions.

4. Customers Are Discovering Products On Social Media

The way consumers know about new products is changing. This is particularly due to Instagram and Facebook that have ads in their feeds.

What’s the implication of this for 2019? Companies have an opportunity to use this as part of their digital marketing trends. You shouldn’t always use a sales pitch in your content to convince customers to trust you.

Social media allows you to tell the story and make it possible for customers to consider your offers. Once someone discovers your offers on social media, you must offer a smooth experience and sell to them.

5. Telling Original And Genuine Stories

Authenticity is an essential aspect of 2019 social media trends. That means you should focus more on raw, intimate, behind-the-scenes stories. Stories create a meaningful and open relationship between the brand and its users.

Thus, marketers should work hard to share stories that connect with people. It’s also important to share moments and secrets that will impress people rather than the brand. To find such stories, take your best evergreen content and make a one-minute video from it. It will not be tough for you to get 100 likes on Instagram if you follow it correctly.

Post the videos on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You’ll realize that such short videos get between 400% and 500% more reach on LinkedIn than Facebook. Besides, repurpose Facebook podcasts and live videos into articles, listicles, and tweets.
10 Social Media Marketing Trends

6. More Videos

Videos are part of the hottest social media marketing trends in 2019. Videos with a significant impact are those that are smartphone-quality, short, and with a human touch.

You may also find the following video tips useful:
  • Set goals for each video
  • Make 30 to 60-second videos that you can post on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook feeds.
  • Repurpose content where necessary
  • For stories, make micro-segment videos that are 15 seconds long of the longer videos
  • Make the first 10 seconds engaging and interesting. Despite how entertaining a video is, viewers can drop off after the first 10 to 15 seconds.

7. Data Breaches Make Trust A Critical Element

Messaging apps are popular due to the waning trust on social media platforms. For example, 2018 was turbulent for Facebook, and this made most users unwilling to share data.

Privacy concerns are on the rise. Thus, social media networks are realizing the importance of trust. As a brand, it's important that you build trust with your valued audience.

To build trust with your audience, accept mistakes, and update your them on any recent changes.

8. More Focus On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is at the forefront of trends in social media marketing. Interest in LinkedIn has exploded over the past decade. The search intent for the word "LinkedIn" has doubled within that period.

About 40% of LinkedIn’s monthly users spend an average of 17 minutes of the site each month. That means brands only have a couple of minutes to make an impact. Short videos would be effective marketing tools.

9. Concentrate On Specific Channels

Gone are the days when businesses could create accounts on all social media channels. Each platform attracts a specific audience. So, only concentrate on channels that are most relevant to your business.

Start by finding out where your target audience and influencers in your niche hang out. Analyze your current performance and come up with ways to improve it.

10. Create Content With Mobile Users In Mind

In 2019, it’s essential to design a social experience that’s beautiful, fluid, and interactive. This is vital for mobile users on all aspects of online marketing, social media included.

Thus, everything that posts on your social media page should accommodate mobile users. For example, for users to click on a link and engage further with a post, the link should go to a page optimized for mobile.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media makes it easy for customers to contact a brand. This trend increases the customer expectations about the brand.

Are you looking for more ways to use social media marketing trends to increase your brand’s reach?

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