5 Simple Pinterest Tips To Grow Your eCommerce Business

Pinterest Tips To Grow Your eCommerce Business
Pinterest is among the fastest growing platforms. Its userbase is now nearing a hopping 300 million users making it a powerful marketing tool for brands. More importantly, an overwhelming majority of its users (84%) benefit from the platform in deciding what to buy. Even better, most of Pinterest users go on buying what they find on the platform.

The above data clearly shows the potential of a platform for brands in any industry. So, e-commerce merchants can also leverage Pinterest and bolster their businesses greatly. The good thing, the platform focuses on visuals unlike other social channels where texts are also in prominence. Pins are available on virtually every imaginable topic of interest and users can find it and take informed decisions.
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More importantly, e-commerce merchants can take step to tap into the traffic potential of Pinterest and widen their base easily. With more users in search of pins, brands can expect high conversion rates, and this is where e-commerce businesses can benefit in true sense. That’s why your business should look to get the most out of the “board and pins” platform.

However, some planning is needed to benefit your e-commerce business from Pinterest and if you manage to plan and strategize better, this platform could help bring a real transformation. You should also not hesitate in hiring the services of an expert and get the most out of the platform.

Let’s look at some simple Pinterest tips to grow your e-commerce business:

1. Optimize Your Business Profile

If you want to use Pinterest for business purposes, you should then first set up a business account on the platform. You can upgrade the personal account into business one and stand to gain more functionalities.

The second step is to claim your website so that you can optimize the business profile on Pinterest. This will help in four ways – first, you will improve your site’s search ranking within the platform; second, you can see how your pins perform; third, you can add logo or image to pins; fourth, access new tools.

Further, e-commerce ventures can use four types of pins – article, product, app and recipe. On business account, article and product pins are used quite commonly where the former lets you include images and summaries of the article while the latter helps display the price of the product.

2. Promote Your Pins

E-commerce ventures can easily advertise their products on Pinterest but only after upgrading to a business account and claiming their site. There is ‘promote your pins’ option which a business can use to run Ad campaign and promote their products to boost engagements.

Then pin will come with ‘promote’ option which you have to clinic and after that complete the campaign form that comes up. Quite like Facebook ad, you will be required to set a specific budget and decide the number of days for the ad to run.

You can this promote the pins and create a campaign for traffic. This will help your e-commerce business in a big way and open the prospects for sure.

3. Use Discount Codes

Customers love discounts. If you’re ready to offer discount, it will definitely work in your favour and help drive conversations. You should know it well that using discount codes can work like magic in true sense. It will help boost engagements and drive conversion rate for sure.

When you use discount codes, it means you are letting customers know that they will have to pay less, and this can tempt them. Many e-commerce ventures add discount codes as a text overlay or include it in the product description to get home the point.

4. Segment Your Products

E-commerce entities should look to segment their products on Pinterest so that buyers can have it easy in searching for products. The segmentation will also help in coming up with a specific type of product on the store.

For segmentation, a business has to create different boards for different product categories so that buyers can have easy. The board this created should have all the relevant products from this category so that buyers can find them easily in one place.

Similarly, e-commerce players can go about setting up seasonal brands for items of choice, like for Christmas, Valentine’s day etc. This will ensure that buyers find products in a hassle-free manner and without much of effort.

5. Use Pinterest Analytics To Review Performance Of Pins

The use of analytics is great when it comes to getting different key metrices for marketing. When you use a business account on Pinterest, you get to benefit from the analytics dashboard where reviewing or analysing the performance of the pins becomes a simple task.

Based on the review, you can take better decision in regard to marketing your products. If you have any issue with analytics, you can benefit from an expert as their knowledge of web development India will do the task easily.

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