Shaping The Industry Ahead - Top AI Driven Online Commerce Trends

Top AI Driven Online Commerce Trends
Two decades back, no one would have thought ecommerce would gain huge momentum with advent of mobile and smartphones. By 2019, the number of mobile users worldwide is set to go over 4.68 billion. This is only going to surge further as the years progress.

The aforementioned figure is clearly suggestive of the current trend which keeps mobile commerce a step ahead of ecommerce.

More people are accessing internet on mobile today, which is a testimony to the fact. This would soon reflect in the number of online sales too.

What’s new in ecommerce or mobile commerce is the growing element of AI and machine learning which is driving the next generation customer experience.

Not that other touch points in online commerce aren’t being benefited but the customer side is the first to experience change.

As AI becomes more common, visitors and shoppers would accustom themselves to its implementation. For example - more businesses have started using AI bots to support customers.

Though people may argue that these are inadequate and don’t have all the answers to customers’ queries but don’t they save on time, both for the business and customer?

Tracking customer behavior and leveraging sales is another side that AI is helping to. For instance - push notifications are far more personalized than they ever were in the past.

Though it may take some time but eventually it will settle and serious buyers would find it a welcome change.

AI has more upsides even when capital and costing remains an issue for most businesses. Understandably, small setups still can’t afford to invest in AI tools, but they’ll have to look at the bigger picture. They’ll have to invest in it today to reap the benefits later.

This is also important in terms of getting used to the technology and working out with AI developers to understand what’s best suited to their business.

Some businesses might be waiting for AI tools to get less expensive but by then, who will guarantee them a space with same number of handful competitors as they have it today.

Take a look at this infographic by Mofluid on AI driven trends visible in ecommerce or mobile -
Top AI Driven Online Commerce Trends
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