HUAWEI Beats Apple!!! Wanna Know How?

HUAWEI Beats Apple
Huawei achieves 2nd place in the world’s top smartphone vendors after Samsung in Q2 2018. Its year on year growth was 41% as it shipped more than 54 million handsets across the globe. It’s latest flagship phones like the P20 which exceeded the quarter sells of P10 and P9 combined. Honor brand from Huawei also played a gigantic role in bringing it to the leading board which sold over 16 million handsets. Samsung on the other hand even being the top vendor got a slight effect of the impact that Huawei made and got an 8% of its 73 million shipments at loss. Apple that was placed 3rd in this race shipped 41 million handsets around the globe and had a +1% growth in year on year growth.

Sub-brand HONOR Making Everything Affordable:

Honor is now getting to become an independent sales unit itself and Huawei is introducing it in the market alongside its flagship units. Its open market strategy has led it to be the highest selling in Russia, India and western European markets. Huawei in the last three months has provided Huawei with a 4 million handset sales outside China and increased its sales from 24% to 36% around the World. It has sold millions of cheap (in comparison with Apple and Samsung) in the Asia-Pacific regions, it also experienced a well-achieved growth in the Middle East and Africa.

Huawei’s own performance is much stronger than honor. It shipped 7 million units of its P20 and P20 Pro. Also, comparing from sales of P10 plus and P10, P20 and P20 Pro sold much faster and with double the shipments in the first quarter of its launch outside China.

Talking about Apple which sold 41 million units in Q2. Its hefty price is still a concern too much users which choose Huawei or Samsung. It is on its typical verge and not at a loss, its actually Huawei that over grew after not being allowed in the US. It has taken the rest of the world now. Over 8 million iPhone X were sold in Q2.

Some Comments By The World’s Famous:

Ryan Reith, Vice President of IDC (World Wide Mobile Tracker) said: “The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown.”

Samsung will be concerned about the momentum of Huawei, but apple to be warned, and manufacture and sell/ship more quantity to achieve future lead in the volume race.
HUAWEI Beats Apple

US and Australia Have Issues:

According to an analyst based in Shanghai, Huawei has made this remarkable achievement without selling a Sigle piece in North America i.e. US, because of its legal constraints to brad there and a failure to have a US carrier partnership. The company got around and instead of focusing on profitability it focused on selling more and more of its handsets at the low end.

Huawei’s brand recognition is increasing outside China and getting it to the top, the meanwhile Chinese market is the main source of generation of most of the customers. Australia along with some countries have their concerns over the facilitation of spying for the Chinese government. However, Huawei has denied such claims of it facilitating in ay kind of spying and claimed to be a private company not working under the Chinese government with no following of Chinese security laws overseas. The China-US trade dispute is also a concern where they have been imposing tariffs on billion dollars’ worth of goods and disputing over technology patents.

5G Technology Development Race:

Huawei is also one of the company that is in the race of developing 5G capabilities, which is the next generation of our wireless technology. If it achieves and big giants (major companies) keep banning Huawei’s telecom products, either it will no more be a leader in 5G tech or the world will have to wait till others develop it.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Let’s say the US allows sales and Huawei comes in partnership with a giant carrier, it will be a boom in charts as it has done all around the world. Huawei has come a long way to the top and from the looks, it’s here to stay.
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