6 Secrets To Design Professional And Beautiful WordPress Themes

Secrets To Design Professional And Beautiful WordPress Themes
WordPress themes offer responsive designs, relevant buttons, and beautifully designed content section to help digital marketers create brand awareness all over the world. Wordpress has delivered the best it can till now and is working on to deliver more stylish designs and templates.

The world of WordPress design and development is very wide, we get many options and varieties which make it difficult to select the design which is the best suited for us.

Nearly 26% of the websites are run on WordPress, to provide themes to these websites, the industry provides a lot of free themes and templates. You get all kinds of quality for free themes, both good and bad and also it is not going to be very flexible and robust.

Now, let’s get started on letting out some secrets to design beautiful and professional WordPress themes.

1. Get Started With Wordpress And Understand The Rules

To design a high-quality website you should first understand the protocol and regulations of Wordpress, this would help you do stuff easily. When you start to work on a new platform it is, advised to learn about it first and go through its features and services it offers for a smooth functioning.

2. Design To Focus On The Results

If you are designing a website for a client then what they care about most is the result. They do not pay much attention to the designs and visual appeal.

So, you should have a clear vision of what is your objective from designing the website. Once you have clarity about the main thing you want to achieve, you start working around it to get the desired result in the best way.

Also, make sure you know what niche you want to work in. There are a lot of domains you can go for like art, culture, design, photography, fashion etc. Thus make sure you choose the theme which best suits your business after deciding the results you want to achieve.

3. Choose The Correct Set of Tools For Your Site

We all know the basic tools we are going to use like DropBox, Google Drive, Photoshop etc.

But let's start with some unique tools which are going to deliver a big-time opportunity and ease your life with the best designs.
  • Unsplashed - Delivers high-quality photos, you can use them according to your needs.
  • Pixel Drop - Lets you create your own pixel collection.
  • IcoMoon - Provides top icon fonts and you get an app you can use for developing your customized fonts.

4. Choose The Correct Choice Between The Two

You can build a WordPress design in two ways; either you can take an already made theme and make changes to it by using your own creativity or you can build an actual template from the base with all its framework.

There are some pros of choosing an actual theme and then modifying it. You get a lot of extra functions inbuilt within the template which have been tested by many people already before and produced fine results.

You get support from the community from where you download the already existing themes, in case of runtime problems you can always look up to someone for help.

5. Focus More On Theme Demo Sites

After working hard on the site, you should make sure you execute it properly with ease. The demo site is the first impression you make on the client. Only designing and visual appeal would not help you, you should also consider the output you want to achieve.

If you want to sell your product then you have to focus on the result and create the best impression you can the first time, it requires your total presence of mind and how you are delivering the website at that time. Communication skills also play an important part in explaining your product, what you want to sell.

Also with this modern world developing so fast, you have got to imbibe the latest technologies in your work to deliver an error-free project. Try to always make a customizable theme, sometimes the client may want to add some features of his own. They can add shortcodes, templates, tabbed sidebars, social media buttons etc.

6. Be Tricky Enough To Find Beautiful WordPress Themes

With the popularity of WordPress for websites, there is a whole industry working on selling Wordpress themes.

Many developers give them away for free and later ask you to upgrade to a paid version. There are many places where you can find free themes for your websites like Colorlib, AlienWP, Optimiser etc.

When you are developing a WordPress theme, make sure you have full knowledge about it so that you can attribute it with latest features and skills.

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