The Ultimate Racing Games For Android

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Car racing games are one of the biggest racing genres that is admired by huge following around the world. There is a long list available of these mighty games on Google Play Store. Here, we have discussed some of these ultimate racing games for Android.

Clash For Speed

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Try this extreme combat car racing game to test your racing & shooting skills. This powerful game come equipped with abundant features to make your gaming experience seamless. This game offers you 15 pre-defined tracks with more than 8 upgradable battle car options to dive deep into racing adventure. Here, you can upgrade your cars & weapons as you level-up each time in game. It also allows you to upgrade your tires, decals and car stickers with each win. While racing through the powerful tracks, you will experience 5 unique 3D game environments on different planets. It offers in-garage option to help you customize your cars with features like customized wheels & armors, turbocharger and updated engines.

This amazing game is governed by a mighty intergalactic character named Speed Ho, who owns all the planets in the game. He likes power battles and he guides you through your wins. You start this game from Green Valley and go through different planets ending game in Sci-Fi Gravity. In addition to pre-defined tracks, Clash for Speed also allows you to design your own 3D tracks for racing. You can do this by simple gesture of your finger on the screen. You can draw simplest to most tough tracks to make it hard for other players to win the race. Here, tough tracks will help you win more trophies that you can use to unlock other features of the game. Further, you can also collect all the bounty to explore & unlock new levels. As you level-up in the game, it will become more difficult. You can play this fast car racing 3D game to experience extreme racing adventure.

Xtreme Turbo Drift Car Racing

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Xtreme Turbo Drift Car Racing is racing gamers delight as it allows players to race fast on deadliest asphalt tracks. It offers multiple car options to select from where you need to race against the opponents. It sets different goals for you to achieve when you finish the lap. It offers unique car racing physics with breathtaking 3D graphical environments. While racing through the dangerous paths it makes your driving seamless with smooth controls. To complete the challenging missions, you can use nitrous boost and other useful options. It offers an immersive car race game with realistic sound effects.

Turbo Racing 3D

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Next in the list of ultimate car racing games is Turbo Racing 3D. This powerful endless arcade racing game lets you through some of the busiest highways in the world. It allows you to earn cash to upgrade your cars. You can even buy new cars with this cash. It offers easy one finger control model to help you play game seamlessly. Here, you can tilt your phone to control direction of your car and touch the screen of the phone to accelerate the speed. In other features, it offers amazing tracks, realistic car handling, stunning 3D graphics, smooth controls, rich type of NPC racers and more.

Buggy Of Battle

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Try this amazing arena war beach game if you like racing buggy games. It is powered with the V12 engine where it helps you boost your racing speed for ultimate experience. It offers dual links to help you dodge your enemies. You can play this monster truck racing game where you need to fight really hard in canyon racing circuit. While driving the cars, if you crash into other cars it will attract your penalty. Here, you get options to select from police & army vehicles to win the race. By dodging your enemies, you get a chance to win new cars. Once you win all the races, you will be Arena War Champion in the game.
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Nitro Nation

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
If you love drag car racing then Nitro Nation is the perfect game for you. It offers powerful cars from big car manufacturers around the world. To set level playing experience, you needn’t to wait for fuel and you will also get “delivery time” for cars or upgrades. You can play this multiplayer game in real-time with players around the world. Further, you will get chance to appear for weekly regional tournaments to test your skills and compete with powerful players. It offers 3 tiers of aftermarket blueprints and 33 unique car components to help you customize your car.

If you like car racing form in any form, then this list is meant for you. Here, we have covered best car racing games of different forms. If you know more such games, feel free to comment below.

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