Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games Of 2018

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
There have been some really great games on offer so far this year. We seen the return of a number of classic franchises, as well as a few one offs that definitely blew us away. However, for our money, you can’t do better than a good wifi multiplayer game. Thankfully, there’s a ton of these on the market at the moment, meaning that you’ve got plenty of opportunities to test your skills against your mates. We’re going to look at ten of the very best multiplayer Android games of 2018, so that you have some idea where to head to.

- 8 Ball Pool

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
8 Ball Pool is a current favourite. Everyone’s familiar with the game, a pub classic for years with a history dating back hundreds of years. Now, you can enjoy all the excitement of a game of pool with your mates, directly from your phone. There’s a good training bit where you can play on your own to get your skills up. And the better you do, the more coins you eventually unlock, which can be used to buy some great in game features.

- GT Racing 2

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
If you’re into cars and racing games, you can’t afford to miss out on GT Racing 2. This sequel to a recent handheld favourite puts you behind the wheel of some of the most exciting cars around. You can take your pick from all the biggest manufacturers, and there’s a really good selection of vehicles on offer. The handling is spot on, and the great wifi multiplayer is probably the best we’ve seen from a handheld racing game.

- Mortal Kombat X

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
The classic beat em up returns with Mortal Kombat X. This franchise goes back a pretty long way, and even has a couple of films under its belt. Its notorious fatality function has gone down in legend. Now you can enjoy all the excitement of a classic Mortal Kombat game from your mobile phone. It’s a top game, delivering all the familiar characters and features, plus a top multiplayer mode.
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Handheld Gaming Has Come Into Its Own Recently

- NBA Jam

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
EA Sports have long been the leading name in sports games, and NBA Jam is their latest offering. There’s been a dearth of basketball games for some time, but this looks set to change that. The game offers decent graphics and gameplay, as you would expect from EA. Good play will unlock more legendary sportsmen, and the multiplayer is a great way to challenge your mates.

- Modern Combat 5

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
Modern Combat 5 does what few games have attempted, and delivers a first person shooter experience to a handheld device. The game is pretty successful, following in the steps of the more familiar Call of Duty. There’s a number of different game types on offer such as assault or deathmatch, enough to keep you busy playing against your friends on multiplayer mode.

- Clash Of Clans

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
Clash of Clans is a fun, light hearted strategy game where you have to develop your clan, battle rivals and reach the top. It’s an enjoyable game, and strategy generally seems to fit handheld devices pretty well. The multiplayer allows you to attack your opponents with all manner of spells and siege weapons.

- Real Racing 3

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
Another example of why EA are the top of the food chain for sports games, Real Racing 3 is another great handheld racer with plenty to offer. They’ve acquired licensing for a wide range manufacturers, meaning that you can get a feel for some real life vehicles. Over 4000 events are on offer, and you can also challenge your friends in a fun and responsive multiplayer mode.

Challenge Your Mates In Many Different Ways

- Blitz Brigade

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
Blitz Brigade is a fantastic melee/deathmatch game with a lot to offer. You can battle with a total of 12 players on the map, far more than many handheld games allow for. It’s an exciting, playful game with plenty to offer, including over a hundred different weapons to allow you to fine tune all the action. The game moves smoothly and an online voice chat allows you to coordinate your movements with your allies and taunt your enemies.

- Asphalt 8

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
Yet another racing game, Asphalt 8 is not an EA creation, but does feature a huge range of different cars. They’ve acquired licenses from some of the biggest sports car manufacturers, meaning that you’ve got the run of a huge range of different vehicles. The game plays smoothly, and they’ve gone out of their way to provide you with many different tracks to get through. The single player is enjoyable, and the technical side is absolutely top notch. As far as the multiplayer goes, there’s a lot to enjoy and plenty of different modes to keep things interesting.

- Mini Militia

Top 10 Best Android WiFi Multiplayer Games
Mini Militia is a great little battle game. This format has found a lot of favour with handheld players, as the format is great for it. Not much is needed in the way of high end graphics, and the games are perfect for
a large number of players to get involved with. This top game allows you to have up to twelve people in a match at any one time. There’s a wide array of the usual weapons to pick from, an array of different characters, and generally just a whole lot to enjoy here.

There you have it, some of the very best multiplayer games on offer for Android. Many of them can accommodate many players, making them the perfect social activity to enjoy with your mates. Check them out, and get playing.

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