Best Overclocking Softwares To Boost Up Your GPU

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As we know in today’s era, mostly games are coming up with high graphics and video quality. That’s why these games are requiring latest or upgraded graphics card to run easily on your PC. Technology is changing. There was a time when games were like cartoon. But now every single game is coming in 3D that totally looks like realistic. So you must have a latest graphics card if you want to do gaming.

Many users complain after releasing video games that graphics card is not performing well. Game starts lagging while playing and sometimes it doesn’t even support whether you play online or offline. So why is this issue faced? Why graphics card not supporting?

Actually, the reason is very simple. It happens when your graphics card does not meet with a game’s requirements. Your graphics card has not that core clock speed, memory speed etc which a game requires. So now you need to upgrade your graphics card as well as CPU and other stuff like RAM, SSD etc to handle all upcoming latest games. Once you upgraded then your PC will be able to run every game smoothly on 30 fps or 60 fps or more.

What Should I Do When I’m Not Able To Upgrade GPU?

“But what should I do when I’m not able to upgrade my pc?” Hopefully, this question may be in your min. Because I’ve faced that era when I was not able to upgrade my PC due to lack of money. So I alternatively used overclocking softwares to overclock my GPU.

Yes, it’s true. Like CPU, you can overclock your GPU too. Every GPU has a specific potential to overclock itself. You can increase core clock speed, memory speed, memory bandwidth, pixel rate, texture rate, L3 cache etc to an specific limit by using any GPU overclocking software.

So if you can’t buy new graphics card and want to play all latest games on your old one beast, so you can try my recommended overclocking software that i’ve listed below.

How Does Overclocking Software Work?

Overclocking software basically helps to increase memory speed, memory bandwidth, L2 cache, core speed, boost clock, etc. Simply you need to download and install it first. after installation, you’ll be able to optimize your graphics card. Below image is an example. You can see the difference of graphics card’s performance before and after optimization.
Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges

List Of Best Overclocking Tools

Here’s some best overclocking softwares that I’ve personally tested. These all are trusted and free from any type of malware.

1. GPU Tweak By ASUS

Asus GPU Tweak is the best tool. I have been using this for a long time and seriously this is the best one. I have no problem yet. You can increase shader clock, memory clock or simply boost your GPU just by adjusting sliders as you can see in below image. This tool has also a GPU-Z monitoring feature which helps you in analyzing performance of your GPU deeply. You can monitor live temperature of your GPU as well as fan speed. This tool also helps in getting BIOS updates of GPU.

2. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is the second recommended tool. It has all basic features that ASUS GPU Tweak contains. You can adjust memory clock, shader clock, GPU clock speed, fan speed and even voltage of GPU. User interface of this tool is very good. As you can see in below image that there are two panels. The right one is to monitor everything about your GPU. You can also watch your CPU speed and temperature. The left panel is to adjust your GPU clock speed, fan speed etc. So if you don’t think ASUS is better, you can try MSI Afterburner as an alternative.

3. TriXX By Sapphire

TriXX is also good. But for Sapphire graphics card. It allows you to monitor and optimize different key parameter’s settings for the GPU. The tool provides all basic features that other overclocking tools provide like GPU temperature, core speed adjustment, boost clock, fan speed etc. TriXX also supports to adjust load, voltage and memory performance like MSI Afterburner. So if you are a Sapphire user, I would recommend you to must try TriXX.

4. PrecisionX 16 By EVGA

PrecisionX 16 is best compatible for EVGA users. This allows you to tune your graphics card very finely. You can overclock your graphics card’s core speed, memory clock and other stuff. You can also control fan speed and voltage of your GPU. So this tool allows all basic features like others. If you’re not EVGA user but still want to try so you can.

Final Words

So these all are some best tools still in 2018. You can easily overclock your graphics card by using any one of them. So don’t forget to share your experience by emailing or commenting. You can also suggest us other overlocking tools which are missing above. We will test and surely add in our list.
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