The No-Fail Secret to Creating an Instagram Account That Everyone Will Like

The No-Fail Secret to Creating an Instagram Account
Building an online presence on one of the most famous social media platforms today seems like a no-brainer for most people. After all, with so many daily users and comments, Instagram has become a leading force in content distribution and advertisement.

But how do you go about it the right way? Are there any rules that can help you achieve early success with your Instagram account? Which mistakes should you avoid at all costs and how can you manage to do all of it by yourself? Let’s take a look at some useful tips, guidelines and pointers for building your Instagram account from scratch properly.

Cover The Bio

Before you start posting original content and interacting with your followers, make sure that everyone knows who you are. Whether you are an independent blogger or a company representative, Instagram bio information matters quite a bit. Some of the essential information you should pay attention to includes:
  • Your profile picture – It plays a pivotal role in making sure that people identify your page in an instant.
  • A short summary – Write two sentences of who you are and why you are on Instagram. Be witty and clever about it.
  • Include links – Make sure to include outbound links to your website, blog, store or other internet locations.
  • Account type – Choose your Instagram account’s type early on. You can opt for a business account if you want to sell and advertise stuff from your store or simply use a regular one if you don’t intend to monetize it.

Target An Audience

Every Instagram account has to have a specific audience in mind. You need to know what group of people you are addressing with your content. If you are a blogger, this will naturally include people that read blogs or write, post art content, etc. Make sure to know who your main stakeholders are. This will allow you to easily decide on the type of content and topics you will cover later on.

It’s a good idea to lock down a translation service for your Instagram account while you set it up. Services such as IsAccurate can help you translate or localize content into different languages depending on your needs. This is a great way to approach new audiences that would otherwise be unable to enjoy in your original content.

Don’t Copy – Be Yourself

Instagram is a very public and popular social media platform. Getting caught red-handed with someone else’s content; hashtags or other information won’t bode well for your reputation. Once you settle into a routine of attracting new followers, make sure to create a unique content system for your account.

Set aside some time to define distinct hashtags that differentiate you from other accounts in the same niche. Create several topics that you will explore in your future content and don’t be afraid to mix things. While Instagram is popular due to its pictures and ensuing interactivity, it also supports live feeds, chats and other social media features.

Consistency In Content

No matter what type of content you choose to post on your account, make sure that you are consistent about it. Your content should identify you as a creator and make it instantly clear that it’s yours.
The No-Fail Secret to Creating an Instagram Account
You can do that in several ways – watermarking, using hashtags, and thumbnail design or by using a distinct content style. Developing your own content voice is what will really lift your account above the rest. Don’t be afraid to write and create in your own style without following any guidelines set by the competition.

If you need any help with content consistency, proofreading or editing, you can check out a professional writing service and ask for help. Platforms such as GetGoodGrade, SupremeDissertations, FlashEssay, RewardedEssaysand others recommended by RatedByStudents are a good choice for Instagram content curation. Make sure to clearly define your needs before reaching out to them and you will be set for quite some time.

Giveaways And Incentives

Instagram is the perfect platform for incentivizing people to get more followers as a result. For example, you can invest small amounts of money into personalized and branded items that your audience will receive eventually. In order to qualify for the giveaway, they would have to share, like and comment on your post. That way, you can increase your reach, exposure and conversion rates much more than you would through paid advertisement.

This is also the reason why so many large brands use Instagram as a means to promote new products and incentivize followers into sharing their content with others. Use the platform you chose to its fullest even if it costs you some money along the way. The return on your investment will be much more beneficial than the initial spending.

Listen To Fan Feedback

Lastly, an important factor in Instagram account growth is the communication between yourself and your followers. If you create content that is becoming stale and uninteresting to your audience, ask them what to change. Listen to their comments, suggestions and feedback because they are your Instagram lifeline. Without a healthy following, your page will be nothing more than a repository of content no one sees or shares.

You can easily craft user-made content plans by involving your audience in the upcoming content cycles. That way, you will show that you are open to their suggestions and are looking forward to interacting on a more personal level. This is what separates successful Instagram accounts from those that fall victim to trends and fierce competition.

Long-Term Thinking (Conclusion)

It’s important to look at your Instagram account as a house of cards. You should keep adding new layers of complexity, content and incentive for users to join you. However, you should also keep current trends and industry innovations in mind when doing so.

It sometimes takes a single day to lose all the good will you built up until that point. However, if you take things slow and do proper research before creating new content, your audience will have no reason not to promote you and enjoy your content.

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