5 Cyber Security Tips for Gamers

5 Cyber Security Tips for Gamers
Who doesn’t love online games? One way to fulfil your fantasies is MMORPG games, where you can play against a live human but in a virtual world. MMORPG has become the craze of many over last few decades. But, there’s a glitch. As soon as you connect your gaming console or device to the internet, you become as vulnerable to online threats as you are to diseases.

Most of the times, gamers don’t realize it until it's too late. Either, they have compromised their identity or being a target of DDoS attack that increase their lags and latency.
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Avoid Phishing

Phishing is something that we see in our mails on a daily basis. Its when scammers send you a fake email, either on Facebook, Gmail or any other platform with a link to their fake website. Cybercriminals hopelessly aim to defraud you from your ID and passwords, stealing your data when the user clicks and opens the link. The same method is for penetrating gamers as well.

Hackers create a fake website of an online game and urge gamers to change their password and to blackmail the players to open the link, otherwise blocking their gaming account. For a gamer removing their account is the biggest fear a gamer will ever have. Failure to comply would lead to your account being sold on the black market.

For a beginner, this won't be an issue but never click on an unknown link. Open your browser and search the login page, which prevents gamers from losing their gaming accounts.

Protecting Your Device From Being Compromised

Gaming is as important to the fanatic gamers as water and food, but hackers are not hesitating in attempting to infect gaming devices with viruses and malware. How? Hackers create fake updates of games or games utilities, luring gamers and pretending to help them get ahead of their levels by customization. The best-known way to spreading malicious apps in talked above; Phishing, In game attachments, gaming chats where gamers exchange GIFs and forums.

If the game malware is internal, game oriented, it leads to stealing gamers credentials through game updates. To avoid that gamers, need to keep their devices updates at all times with recent patches from the Operating System and the best security suite present in hand.

Never Use Actual Pictures For Gaming Profile

Due to IoT, everything is connected to all platforms and devices, because of that internet has shrunken to be a Global Village where everything and anything could be found online for illegal purposes. Keeping that in mind, a lot of gaming websites have a different tab for you to create your own profiles and a common mistake by many is to use their real Photographs. What harm would your real Picture do?

Anyone could search your image online and find out your real name, credentials, location and on how many platforms you are signed in. Which is why its always advised using an avatar, especially if you are playing online and a minor. Using an avatar would reduce the possibility of someone tracking your identity.
5 Cyber Security Tips for Gamers

Get Hold Of A VPN

No gun, no ammunition can stand against the power of a VPN. Who knew gaming would lead to cyber attacks as well. Get hold of a best online gaming VPN. VPN not only protects your identity but it also virtually allows you to connect any server in any country around the globe, switching your IP address of your desire so that no hacker could trace your location.

By switching your IP address through a VPN, your real IP address is masked and hidden while all your traffic and gaming talks, chats forums and the gaming platform itself will be browsed through a different IP address based in a different country. VPN has end-to-end encryption allowing all your chats and data packets being sent 100% secure and impenetrable

Identity Theft

While gaming online, cybercriminals find ways to collect personal information of gamers to harass victims. Gaming online leads to having a multi-chat option where you can talk to multiple players at the same time. But these chats can be a way to get to your personals details as these chats can be encrypted with a software/malware to penetrate your gaming profile.

Its advised and needs consideration to avoid sending and sharing personal information over these chats. While creating online profiles, avoid using your real name, address and contact details with others since it would lead to gaming thefts.


Online gaming has changed the way gaming is done, it's more robust, it's interactive and challenging. But online gaming comes with its own risks. It involve gamers fail to reckon unless they have been defamed or harassed online. The issue of Cyber Security is everywhere, and hackers never take a break to find ways to penetrate your devices and credentials, so how can you relax?

These five tips will surely give you an upper hand in the online gaming world and help you defeat and stop any hackers from ruining your online gaming experience.

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