6 Best Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming We have all listened and jammed to spotify music but got annoyed when the ads play right? They say 1 ad, 30 minutes uninterrupted music, but seldom reversed. Did you ever want to know what else could “SPOTIFY” have as an alternative? Surprising right? Here, we present to you, our top 6 free alternative music streamers online.


Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
This is a free music-streaming platform, with a combination of audio and video(live at times), basically available in the US and Canada. You can access it from app stores on smartphones, OTT devices, and even on the web. Look at this article to learn more.

Free access includes:
  • Concert and Festival Live Streams
  • Handcrafted Audio Stations
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Original Shows and Podcasts.

They have free access to their contents but lack some features, which are:
  • No ads
  • Unlimited skips
  • Listen offline
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Play on demand

Tariff of Paid Subscription:
  • $3.99/month- This contains all the above features, excluding listening offline and playing on demand.
  • $9.99/month-This contains all the above features mentioned.

2. AccuRadio

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
AccuRadio is a free music-streaming service with access to multiple channels and with features to customize our preferences. Interestingly, it is the only platform to be curated by human touch, not by any automation. This has over 1000 channels and 50 genres(hip hop, jazz, disco, indie rock, and many more).

It is Chicago, Illinois based founded in the year 2000.

Kurt Hanson is the CEO and founder. He is an alumnus of the University of Chicago.

3. Jango

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
Jango is a free music-streaming service that provides hundreds of ready-made stations and genres(Rock, country, classical, etc.).We can also customize our radio and music stations here. It gives an option of rating the music, which then filters the recommended songs for us according to our rating. It even has hit songs of the '80s. It can be download and used both on iOS and Android devices.

It is free and only gets money from the advertisements. It has tried its best to minimize the ads, and customers see just one ad a day from now on.

It takes and studies the information we provide when signing up and uses it to show ads according to the provided age and gender.

Jango has two kinds of stations,i.e., genre station wherein we can select the music from the list given below the player and artist-based stations wherein we can choose songs according to the artists we like and ardor. These stations are updated every week to get the latest music updates and enjoy their free time listening to music.

4. YouTube Music

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
As all of us are aware of youtube.com, it also has its separate music-streaming site or service.

YoutubeMusic is developed by Youtube, which is a subsidiary of Google. It provides both music and videos based on playlists, genres, and recommendations.

Yes, it is free of cost and has a paid subscription that paves the way to ad-free playback,audio-only background playback, and downloading songs for offline playback.

YouTube Premium members can enjoy these services for free.

For this, Google-Play music is stopped now as its members are benefited from YouTube Music.

YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium endorsers can change to a sound mode that can play behind the scenes while the application isn't being used. However, the complementary plan doesn't permit sound mode with foundation playback as it shows video promotions.

It is updated daily as it is a most viewed site and is on the list of most trending services now.

The primary feature is that it provides and contains music and music videos of every country based on different genres.

5. JioSaavn

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
JioSaavn is an India-based online music-streaming service that is available to outside countries and users as well. It is also a digital distributor of Bollywood, Hollywood, and music of India's other regional languages. The company has 55million songs and that too in 15 different languages.

Yes, it's a free music-streaming service with advertisements.

But other additional features like ad-free and premium quality music can be accessed if subscribed to the paid service.

Saavn was previously a separate music-streaming service. But afterward joined hands with JioMusic, and together they formed JioSaavn.The deal between the two was approximately $1 Million.

JioSaavn is a subsidiary of Jio platforms owned by Reliance Industries Limited.

It gets revenue based on Digital-Advertising services (offers service with advertisement) and Subscription-based Business model (Saavn Pro, which offers ad-free and offline streaming).

It provides songs to people worldwide and can be downloaded and used on android and iOS devices.

The paid subscription, which gives access to no-ads, exclusive contents, hi-fi audio, and unlimited downloads, is Rs399.00($5.48) per year, 67% less than if a subscription is taken for a month, priced at Rs99.00($1.36).

6. SoundCloud

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
SoundCloud is a piece of online music distributing and sharing platform based in Berlin, Germany.

It allows users to upload, promote and share audio and stream audio as well.

It even gives a chance to aspiring musicians to release and promote their composition here and make their career in this field. Twitter.com also supports it.

Its unique feature is that it gives access to upload files or songs in URLs, which allows the songs to be embedded to Twitter and Facebook posts.

Users have access to unlimited songs and get the right to upload 180mins of songs free of cost.

SoundCloud appropriates music utilizing gadgets and apps. Users can put the gadget on their sites or sites, and afterward, SoundCloud will consequently tweet each track uploaded. In addition, SoundCloud portrays soundtracks graphically as waveforms and permits clients to post "planned remarks" on explicit pieces of any track. These remarks are shown while the related sound section is played.

Clients are permitted to make playlists and to "Like" (explicit tracks, which will at that point be saved to the client's "Like" page), "Repost," "Offer," to "Follow" another client, and to make free downloads of their sound accessible.
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