Top 5 Netflix Alternatives You Should Consider

Netflix Alternatives You Should Consider
We all know about Netflix as it has remained no stone unturned in engaging the audience worldwide. As they are leaving no language or culture there in the world, different people can relate their lives with those shows that Netflix provides. This resource provides us with free netflix codes that can be obtained freely. In this arena, where everyone wants some time from their busy and tiring entertainment schedule, Netflix is the well-known video streaming service in the world but isn’t the only one. Netflix Alternatives are there, which costs very low and still provide a variety of free, legal movies, and TV shows. So why to spend a huge HD premium amount on Netflix when you have:

1. Amazon Prime Video:

If we compare Netflix and Amazon Prime on Entertainment basis, then there isn’t any. Still, if we do that comparison based on the cost you pay as a user, it is a huge difference because Netflix's charge for its plan ranges from Rs. 199 to Rs. 799 per month, whereas Amazon charges Rs. One hundred twenty-nine per month and Rs. 999 per year, with both providing a one-month free trial. Just like Netflix, it also involves popular movies, Web series, and TV shows. So it’s not only the price you save as a user but also some extra benefits such as free shipping, Reading service, latest and old music, etc., that you can’t say NO to. Amazon prime is now getting more recognition as high-quality content with a low of new and original releases that have brought new viewers over time.

2. Disney Plus:

It is also a subscription-based video streaming platform that is a competitor of Netflix. Though the quality of content is not as good as Netflix, if someone wants more popular movies and a different kind of content, which should be surprising, then Disney plus Hotstar is a very good option. Some of the hard to find movies like Marvel movies and Star war series are available on Disney plus. As you might know, Disney has bought Fox studios, so many viewers can expect more original Television series.

3. ALT Balaji:

We can proudly say that Alt Balaji is the Indian rival of Netflix. Like on Television, Ekta Kapoor (founder of Balaji Telefilms) is ruling the Multi-device subscription video-on-demand platform, which offers great Indian content across genres. It was launched at very affordable pricing for the user, Rs. 43 for a single screen per month. 300 per year. With this website, you can understand better. Their content includes Movies, TV shows, original web series, comedy shows, and music videos. This app doesn’t create content like available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but they want to attract the audience who watch TV or daily soaps. This platform was also started to make shows for tier 2 and tier 3 cities, costing just Rs 100 for three months, which a user can afford.

4. IMDb:

Now (Internet Movie Database), you must be thinking that it has something new other than a low price and good quality content? It has the rating and reviews system, which many of us consider before watching a movie online or booking a ticket in the theater. Now the question arises, who gives ratings on IMDb? IMDb users themselves cast a vote on a scale of 1 to 10; individual votes are summarized at the end, which is portrayed on the title page. With the help of this, a lot of time saves others whether they want to watch that movie/show or not, which Netflix didn’t even provide. Other than reliable ratings and reviews, they have plenty of content to watch (Most of Indian) from classic to new and not just shows/movies but also video games. Or if you’re a fan of any big celebrity, then just trust that IMDb is for you because, every week, they have casting calls, among other interviews.

5. YouTube:

Yes, last but not the least, we all know YouTube is the savior for many of us because after receiving our first android phone, we only know about youtube if anyone wants to entertain themselves. Here we can buy any Movie or Television show, but also there are many movies, series, and shows that are available for free which are worth watching. It has sports, entertainment, news, and kids content which almost more than 50% can be downloaded offline. So we know that youtube is not only for entertainment, here you can also portray your talent by having your channel and start earning. We can say that youtube is a give and take of entertainment. Impressive right?!

After reviewing the above five alternatives of Netflix, it can conclude that everyone should get the right amount of entertainment in their life. Though Netflix has amazing content but is not affordable by many of us, or many of us didn’t find it worth spending that huge amount. So, other alternatives are there where good and original content can be found and something different from Netflix.
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