15 Bigcommerce Design Points For Better Ecommerce Websites

Bigcommerce Design Points For Better Ecommerce Websites
Much has been said about driving customers or traffic to your eCommerce website, however, design tops all the tactics in a marketing strategy, which is why it is prudent to think about and evaluate what should and should not go into your Ecommerce Website Design. If you’re looking for inspiration, the best source to reach for is BigCommerce as their key element is their attention to detail and accessibility that is designed to turn leads into conversions. Therefore, this is the right time to work on eCommerce solutions for small business.

A clean And Organized Design:

Imagine shopping online, and you see products arranged randomly in an aimless manner. Would you consider buying from that site again in the future? No isn’t it? Similarly, you’d have to think and plan your customer’s overall experience and organize products into specific categories so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. This is more important during festive seasons or on a big sale, you might have to organize and arrange the products based on the offer, discount etc.

Easy To Navigate:

A large part of good design and great content lies in the navigation. When your customers are able to navigate from one page to the next and find what they are looking for creates a great shopping or information searching experience for them. If your websites are one of those with a mishmash design, this might be a good place to start organizing the main menu and other pages. One clever option is to go for a drop-down menu instead of a mega menu as you can minimize the number of links or pages your customers open. Explore different kinds of menus from the drop-down to fly-out and find the approach that suits you best.

Be Easily Accessible:

When your website says “We are just a click or call away”, and there’s a huge waiting time to reach your customer support, it creates conflict in your customer’s mind. To avoid this, make it easy for them to get in touch with you so that you don’t end up losing your consumer base.

Add Clear Customer Reviews And Ratings:

Did you know that 61% of customers read online reviews and consider them as recommendations made by friends or family? Online authentic reviews and ratings also go a long way in boosting your sales and SEO rank. Therefore, if you’ve been adding reviews just because everyone is doing so think again, it may just be the right time to cleverly use online reviews as your top marketing strategy and performance metric.

A Strong Search Bar Is A Must-Have:

Most customers are in a hurry to buy a product they already have in mind or to just look if it’s available or not. A strong search bar is must to invest in and also ensure that it is easily visible.

High-Quality Images Can Never Let You Down:

With the inception of Instagram, we see how powerful clear and crisp images can be in the online digital world. And, if you’re running an eCommerce website, this is all the more important. High-quality images have a way of easily capturing people’s attention and holding it unlike any other form of content. In today’s world of limited attention, using high-quality images can get you the right attention contributing to a sale or a subscription and inherently boosting the SEO.

Easy To Check-Out Process:

A long check out process saps our interest to go any further just like a long queue in a supermarket does. In fact, the whole point of eCommerce is to have an easy and fast shopping experience and the checkout process is the crux of this whole experience. If done right, it can do wonders for your website’s conversion rates.
Bigcommerce Design Points For Better Ecommerce Websites

Highly Responsive Theme:

Creating a highly responsive theme is easier than it was once before. However, keep in mind that your website should be created according to eCommerce websites. And, the good news is that BigCommerce offers premium themes from a range of selection.

Have Clear And Quick Product Previews:

A product preview that takes too long to load or one that goes through many clicks often leaves shoppers annoyed. In the long run, it can be dangerous for your website as shoppers choose to avoid it altogether. Therefore, no matter the amount of investment in the ads on the search engine, your website performance is a must to keep you at the top of the game. You can look at Caroline Panthers’ website, which does a great job with their quick view feature showing all the product, size and additional information clearly.

A clear Outline Of Your Online Store Policies:

Many eCommerce websites miss this point. Provide a clear FAQ page or policy information on shipping, returns, delivery and refunds. Keep the information easy to access along with the contact us option, so your website visitors can contact you easily.

Shipping Costs Need To Be Displayed Earlier:

A study shows that displaying shipping costs later or at the very end of the order is a huge factor in cart abandonment. To avoid this, you can use a shipping cost calculator below the product so that customers can know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the order confirmation.

Ensure ‘Add to Cart’ Option Is Visible:

In many eCommerce websites, the ‘Add to Cart’ option or ‘Buy now’ option is hard to distinguish with all the other elements on the page. Therefore, you can use a contrasting colour or large display for this option to convert more visits into sales.

Set Up Strong Filters:

This is a common element done wrong on most eCommerce websites, that is, the filter products option isn’t strong or specific enough which can be a major factor in helping customers sort and find products quickly. If you haven’t invested in it already, this may be the right time to do so.

Incorporate Branding Into Your Marketing:

Consistently building your branding experience can help your customers differentiate you from the many eCommerce websites online. Envato Market's lineup of eCommerce marketplaces is a good example that maintains a consistent branding experience throughout multiple online stores.

Mobile Friendly:

It goes without saying any site you build, be it eCommerce or any other informational website ensure that it is fully optimized to work on different mobile devices such as ensuring that your web site's images and form fields scale nicely on smaller screens. BigCommerce’s built-in features can help you with readymade payment solutions options that you can add to your sites such as PayPal One Touch or Apple Pay.

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