Top 7 Tips To Improve As An Android Developer

Tips To Improve As An Android Developer
Starting your career from scratch can be difficult. Especially when the task involves a lot of creative and innovative input. As an Android developer, one must have a command on Java Language. It is said that doing is the best way to learn something similarly, applying the knowledge and building upon the skills gives a better hand on the language.

After the learning phase comes the application and execution part. There is no shortcut in the process of becoming a successful developer. All it takes is persistence and an originative bend of mind with a flavor of these tips to stand out in the market.

1. Aesthetics Are Noticed First:

A developer's primary focus is usually to learn and write better codes each day. But writing great programs don't attract customers as long it doesn't have a great design. Skills like UI/UX is one of the highest in-demand skill set among recruiters.

Investing some time in learning about good design and user experience can be rewarding. Even the smallest things like a logo can be under consideration since people mostly judge the books by their cover. The look is subjective to the trends among a particular consumer profile. People turn their heads towards a well-executed design and a well-thought idea.

2. Staying Passionate Towards The Work:

Initial phases of any new career can be full of incentives and drive. But in every task, there comes an intermediate phase when quitting seem like the best possible option. Maybe the idea isn't rewarding enough, or innovation doesn't seem enough, or maybe a great idea is too great to be realistic. These low phases need some rational outlook and passion to kick-start and bring back the incentive.

The first task might be risky without any commercial experience. Learning and overcoming this bottleneck can help a developer stay on his track.

3. Getting To Know Languages:

Languages like Java, SQL, and XML, are a few programming languages which help build upon the innovative ideas. These are the most prominent languages in the industry. But new programming languages keep on making their mark.

These languages are the reflection of the newest trends, and sometimes, unexpectedly new ones end up becoming the trend. It is always advisable to keep oneself well-versed with these.
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4. Knowing Different Markets:

Primarily focussing on Android doesn't mean one would never look towards iOS. Most of the times, iOS gets the premium version of apps much sooner than Android. Newer developers consider this and get inclined towards iOS since it pays off well. But it's noticeable that a great ratio of consumers is Android users.

So rather than developing a single paid version of the app, it's better to understand the consumer, market. Making at least two versions of the app for each end of the market can be a wise idea. Beyond the operating system, a developer should consider a different range of devices too.

5. Quality Over Quantity:

When it comes to quality, never settle for less. It is difficult not being attached to your first project, but people should have a reason to use it. The market might be overflowing with similar interests and ideas, and to convince people to use one particular application, one needs to be their critique.

This is one step beyond 'believe in your idea'. This is the 'build up' part where criticism can be the antidote for survival. To constantly grow, it's important to be a perfectionist and doing it little better than the other. One five-star rated app is more preferred over several two-star apps.

6. A Small Step For A Big Leap:

As a developer, it would seem impractical to aim big right in the inception. Work of smaller components initially and then spread your arms for the bigger one. This is the best time to expand the team. Teaming up not only makes a task easier and quicker but also builds up an environment and a healthy workplace.

7. Getting Better:

Coming far from scratch, it's time to invest in newer things. A low-end work machine can be harmful to development. One the learning graph, there are many things new to a developer. It's good to track this learning phase every week and learn something new.

This could be as simple as learning keyboard shortcuts; they make our lives much simpler. Shortcut keys improve the workflow by significantly reducing the development time in the progress. Another tip for making things quicker is to automate boring or repetitive tasks. Productive utilization of time can be a boost.

An Android developer is known for its ideation and execution. Executing these tips above are a few initial steps of becoming a great developer. The last tip would be to give everything it takes and never let the effort lack from your side. If you are looking Hire Android App Developer connect with us. Happy Developing!

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