Skills You Will Need To Know To Be A Front End Developer

Skills You Will Need To Know To Be A Front End Developer
HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are the most common codes used by the front-end developers to create web applications and to code the website. Front-end development is basically all about how the web design actually gets implemented on the web. When a person steps into the world of front-end development, he/she might not be so very sure from where to start from Click Here.

Not only language-wise programming but also so many options are available regarding tools, technologies, and framework, etc. the code written by the front end developers runs inside the user’s browser. A lot of variety of jobs and environment are available for the front-end developers.

There is a very common and clear pool for skilled employees is waiting for the front end developers. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the terms that every front-end developer must be very familiar with as these are some of the skills every developer must possess. The front end developers need to ensure that there are no bugs and error on the front end along with the proper supposed design that is to appear on various platforms and browsers.

Must Have Skills A Front-End Developer Should Possess

In this dynamic world, a person needs to learn the fundamental languages and concepts so that he/she can expand their knowledge. Some of the very essential skills for front-end developers are:


Hypertext mark-up language (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS) are the most basic and common codes of web development. The former is used to create web pages while the latter is used to present any document created with the help of HTML. One must master with the coding of HTML and CSS before stepping into the web development world.


If a person wishes to add a lot of functionality to their website, JavaScript is the language that enables one to do so. JavaScript is probably the most popular programming language and it’s worth learning this language. A lot of interactive elements can be added to the website along with the creation of things like online games, audio, and video, page animations, scrolling abilities, interactive films and maps that update, etc.


JavaScript can be made faster and easier with this jQuery as it is a collection of extensions and plugins. JQuery enables a person to directly add readymade elements to their project rather than starting from the very scratch. JQuery can compress multiple lines of JavaScript code into a format that can be easily executed in a single line. JQuery is a library that makes the use of JavaScript on the website easier and faster.

JavaScript Frameworks:

They are the collection of JavaScript files that provide dozens of works. A readymade structure is provided to the JavaScript code by the JavaScript frameworks. One can start a code file that already possesses lots of JavaScript in it instead of an empty text document. The different types of JavaScript frameworks like backbone, ember, ReactJS, AngularJS, etc. can even be combined together for many effective and efficient results.

CSS Pre-Processors:

This is another important skill related to CSS that is required to be known by a front-end developer that just boosts up the CSS coding. CSS is made easier to work with by the CSS pre-processor as it keeps the CSS scalable and adds extra functionality to it. The different kinds of CSS pre-processors like the stylus, LESS, SASS, etc. enables the user to write in the pre-processor language and then converts the code to CSS.

Front-End Frameworks:

One of the most popular front-end frameworks is the bootstrap. The CSS and front-end frameworks do exactly the same what the JS frameworks did for JavaScript. It provides faster coding by giving a jumping off point. The front end developers must definitely know how these frameworks work and how are they used.

Cross-Browser Development:

A very essential skill needed to be possessed by the front-end developer is cross-browser development as it is prominent to make each of the modern browsers work perfectly as per the web standards is not an easy task. The differences prevail as to how the codes are interpreted behind the scenes, as modern browsers are getting good in displaying websites.

There are a lot more skills which a front-end developer must possess like testing and debugging, git and version control systems, problem-solving skills, responsive and mobile design, experience with RESTful services and a lot more. The front end developer must master there mentioned skills so as to do miracles in the field of web development.

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