Best Identity Theft Monitoring Program In 2018

Best Identity Theft Monitoring Program
The term identity theft isn’t new anymore as its traces go back to more than a decade now. Users are on brink of identity theft as it is increasing leaps & bounds all around the world. While there are certain preventive measures you can follow to keep your identity safe, using advanced identity protection software tools is one of the best ways that deliver effective results. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.

Advanced Identity Protector:

Best Identity Theft Monitoring Program
Advanced Identity Protector is one of the best identity theft monitoring software that not only helps you track your identity traces but even helps you secure them. You can use this tool to protect all your sensitive and personal information including email accounts, social security numbers, passwords, credit card credentials and more. During the process, its powerful scan engines help you find and protect all your identity traces even from the remotest corners of your system. Here, it scans your web browsers, Windows Registry, files & documents and email clients. Once it finds identity traces on your system it moves them to secure encrypted vault. Here, no one can access your information but you. You can use this powerful solution to protect sensitive information and organize personal data securely.

BullGuard Identity Protection:

Best Identity Theft Monitoring Program
Use this simple yet effective tool to secure yourself from identity theft. This smart tool offers an advanced solution to keep your personal and financial information secure no matter what device you are using. It offers 24/7 web monitoring and preventive alerts with easy access from your system. Its smart scan engines scan your system regularly to find and eliminate a possible threat to your identity traces. During the process, it will monitor social networks and the entire web to deliver accurate results. It offers cloud-based services so that you can access its features anytime from anywhere without worrying about installing this tool on your system. It delivers fast and accurate security to your system working on smart algorithms.

Iris Identity Protection:

Best Identity Theft Monitoring Program
Iris Identity Protection works on an advanced online monitoring system to help you protect your identity in an effective manner. It monitors your credit profile and updates you about changes in it so that you should know about possible threats. It offers 24/7 security assistance to help you keep your identity safe. Its identity theft protection kit helps you understand how identity theft happens and the best solution you can imply. It even offers online resources to keep you updated about prevention techniques. Its opt-out service helps you secure your privacy by reducing the pre-approved credit limit offers on email and other promotional calls. It further offers DataScrambler anti-keylogging and PhishBlock anti-phishing software to keep your digital privacy intact. It also sends you monthly risk alerts and newsletter emails for better information.

Experian Identity Theft Protection:

Best Identity Theft Monitoring Program
Experian Identity Theft Protection offers effective identity theft tracking and sends you regular alerts for better safety. It even performs dark web surveillance to keep you safe from dark web activities. It offers 3-Bureau scores and performs regular credit monitoring. Here, it sends you regular updates when your credit score changes or it finds something suspicious. It offers $1 million ID theft insurance to cover your monetary losses. In addition to that, it sends you court records & bookings, sex offender alerts, change of address alerts, payday & non-credit loan alerts, SSN monitoring, bank & credit takeovers and more. You can use this tool to lock your Experian credit file to avoid cyber threats, avoid unauthorized access to your credit reports, get real-time alerts and easily lock and unlock the Experian credit file.

Equifax ID Patrol:

Best Identity Theft Monitoring Program
Equifax ID Patrol works on smart & secure algorithms to better protect your identity. It monitors your credit reports and alerts you about changes to prevent frauds. It offers 3-Bureau credit file monitoring and allows you to customize alerts to stay updated about all unusual activities. Here, you can easily lock and unlock your Equifax credit report effortlessly. It sends you alerts when it finds key changes in 3-Bureau credit file reports including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This powerful tool tracks all suspicious online activities on different sites for better security. It helps you protect all your personal data including social security numbers, credit card details, passport details, insurance policy numbers and more. Here, it sends you real-time alerts and updates via email or text messages. In other features, it offers lost wallet assistance and up to $1 million identity theft insurance.


As we discussed best identity theft protection tools offer you effective security when it comes to identity theft. Here, we have discussed some of these tools in detail. If you know more such tools, then feel free to comment below.

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