Little Known Smart Home Gadgets

Little Known Smart Home Gadgets
Got a smart home? Almost everyone has at least a couple electronic items in their house that would be considered “smart”, including your thermostat, Alexa, Google, or security systems you can monitor and set from your phone.

If you love these smart home devices, we have some fun and helpful hacks that you might never have considered. Make your home, literally, work smarter, not harder.

There are so many smart home product categories that it’s difficult to limit our choices to just 8! Everything from lights to smart plugs, automatic meat smokers to automatic window blinds! It all depends on your tastes, your needs, your wants, and, of course, your wallet!
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Hack #1 - Get A Rep For A Green Thumb

Most people only consider smart devices to do work inside the home, but there are plenty of other options that also work outside.

Plant-based sensors, like the Koubachi, is almost like having a full-time gardener monitor your plants 24/7. These sensors monitor sunlight, moisture, even air temperature and then sends push notifications or emails to let you know that your prized rose bush needs water. Just one sensor can monitor multiple plants, oh, and did we mention that this works for houseplants as well?

You can also invest in a robotic lawnmower (like Worx) or a motion activated sprinkler (to keep those cats from using your garden as a litter box). There’s even a plant-pollinator, that, while it doesn’t fly on its own, can collect pollen for you, if that’s your thing.

Hack #2 - The Skinny Hack

You’ve most likely seen those door locks that you can open from your phone and door sensors, of course, which set off alarms when the door is opened or jarred, but did you know that there are now door sensors that are the super low profile and fit on any door? We mean any door, like your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets? Vivint is offering these very discreet sensors that you can attach to virtually any door. Why not put them on your refrigerator or the cabinet that holds all the cookies and set the alarm so that it notifies your spouse or your friends?

Hack #3 - Fur Kid Caretaker

Let’s face it, if you have fur babies, you want them to be well taken care of, even if you are stuck in traffic for an extra hour or two. CleverPet has a cool two-in-one device that teaches your dog tricks, so they stay occupied, and Fido gets a treat for doing so. Most dogs pick up the “touch the light bar and get a treat” in less than 24 hours. The device also has more advanced tricks to keep your puppy occupied so they don’t rip up your favourite shoes out of boredom. Watch how this works in this video featuring a couple of cuties named Lucy and Ripley.

Hack #4 - Get Your ZZZZ’s

One of the truths about adulting is that you need your Z’s to stay on top of your game, but sometimes the sandman is stuck in rush hour traffic. Many people find that resetting their circadian rhythm helps them to fall asleep and stay asleep. Lighting Science offers one solution; a light bulb that doesn’t mess with the production of your melatonin production and mimics the sunset and sunrise types of light. You can also reset your circadian rhythm by camping out in the wilderness for two weeks, but who has time for that?

Hack #5 - Let The Robot Vacuum

Who does not think to have an automatic house cleaner? For the same purpose, there is a robot cleaner named as Samsung Powerbot R7070 that can help you greatly with house cleaning. It works like a vacuum cleaner that cleans off all the mess from the ground. It is very user-friendly and can be associated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can operate it just via your Smartphone and have a clean floor in minutes. Those who avoid mopping the floor every day are going to love it. Just fill up water and use the cleaning pad as per the floor and relax.
Little Known Smart Home Gadgets

Hack #6 - Pretty As A Picture Pool

Love your pool but hate the time involved in cleaning it? Have you ever wished that your robotic vacuum was waterproof? Your wish has been granted! Polaris Sport brings you a robotic pool cleaner! It uses Wi-Fi and a mobile app, so you don’t even have to step outside to keep your pool crystal clear. It’s got a bit of an upscale price tag, but what would a forever clean pool be worth to you?

Hack #7 - Breathe The Purest Air Every Time

In this environment today, there is no pure oxygen, and our lungs regularly suck poisonous gases without even realizing. That is why the revolutionary Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier can be of great use. The purifier sucks in all the allergies, dust, and pollution while releasing pure air every single time. As an additional benefit, you can use it as a cooler or heater with the given functions. It can catch all the dust particles even up to 0.3 microns, and the carbon layer helps to eliminate any odours.

Hack #8 - Let’s Adopt Roomba

Like the robotic vacuum cleaner, Roomba can be used to clean up the windows, bathroom walls, kitchen walls or just any wall you wish to see tidy. Ecovacs Winbot robotic window cleaner uses a high suction fan that let it stick to the windows and do the cleaning with just a push of a button. The tool brilliantly performs four stages of cleaning, and the navigator keeps it against any obstacles. The windows that seem out of your reach can be cleaned thoroughly using this smart device.

Remember that almost all smart home devices can be hacked so take your security seriously and use separate and secure passwords for each device, as well as your router. Worried you will forget the passwords when you have multiple devices? Go old school and write them down in an old-fashioned notebook and store it somewhere safe but easily accessible.
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