How to Choose the Best USB Powered Portable Monitor for Traveling?

Choose the Best USB Powered Portable Monitor
Work is not confined to one working place these days. Travelling has become a crucial element to it. And to cope with challenges coming through the way in traveling, portability is dearly needed. It gives professionals and workers a helping hand and freedom of movement from place to place. Some people already are using certain devices like Smartphone, laptops, tablets etc. to have flexibility in their work while on move. With such gadgets, they can connect to their headquarters from anywhere in the world, relocate or travel for business intentions having all wherewithal in hands.

But when we look at a more professional side, people like writers, engineers, programmers, artists to name a few would need ‘something extra’. They need gadgets with which they can take portability to the next level, with which they can perform their work more efficiently, more comfortably. At times, what they need is a second screen in order to facilitate their work via novel display technologies. ‘USB powered portable monitors’ come under such category. It may seem difficult to judge what it entails as it is quite a latest creation. Let’s have a look at it!

What Is A ‘USB Powered Portable Monitor’?

It refers to a monitor of portable solution which needs just a USB to show its magic. All you need to do is connect to it a USB and it is ready for use. USB works both ways for it, a power supplier and an interface cable.

What Benefits It Can Offer?

If you are a freelancer or a traveler and need something that can fill that void of a second screen display, a USB powered portable monitor is no doubt an ideal choice for your needs. Because just one laptop or table monitor screen is not all the time enough to handle your work, heavy files, and programs. And of course, let alone the discussion of their portability. These shortcomings have been covered by USB powered portable monitors. Have a quick look at its benefits!

No Cables Needed:

In a hidebound computer, you will need to have a complete set of cables accompanying. But with this all you have to have is a USB, plug it in and you are ready to go. This allows you to enjoy the portability and in turn work efficiency.

Less Power Supply Is Sufficient:

Laptops and/or computer desktops are known for their high amount of power consumption. On the other hand, some laptops also drain the battery quickly which is a shock to its portability. It is reported that USB powered portable monitors use almost 80% lesser the power as compared to the traditional computers and/or laptops.

Fewer Chances Of Heat-Up:

As mentioned above that its power usage is less, so in turn, it will get heat-up to a lesser extent comparatively. And therefore, will not get damaged while you are multi-tasking.

As A Second Screen:

You can connect it to the primary display easily via USB type C cable. Secondary screens perform as efficient as conventional or primary screens. So, if you are looking for two displays, a USB powered portable monitor can meet the demand.
Choose the Best USB Powered Portable Monitor

How To Choose the Best USB Powered Portable Monitors For Traveling?

Not every USB powered portable monitor will offer all of the features you are looking for. So, it is not an easy task to choose the best USB powered portable monitor as it may seem.

But for what purpose we are here? We will help you out in choosing the best USB powered portable monitors for your traveling (or any other purpose). Following are the things you will need to consider:


Needless to mention that power is the most important factor you need to look for in a USB powered portable monitor. As you have to use it for traveling, you should care how much power does it consume and at what speed it drains the battery because this tells for how long you can use it on the go.


The screen display is a ‘jumbo-offer’ offered by any company. So, you have to make sure that whatever model you select it has best HD resolution. Because if you will go for a product with low HD resolution screen display you will no doubt compromise on picture quality and clarity. No matter whether it is a graphic designer or a businessman who travels a lot, a crisp display is liked by everyone.

Contrast Ratio:

Everyone wants to have autonomy of the desired level especially when it comes to the monitor’s settings. Not all USB powered portable monitors have the same contrast ratio. If you want one with a perfect contrast ratio, do not ignore this feature. This will make possible for you to change the settings from default ones as you like. For example, dim or brighten the display etc.


The main point of considering a USB powered portable monitor instead of a traditional monitor is to take it along while traveling. This benefit of the product can get undermine if you select one of a heavyweight that in turn would be difficult to carry. Therefore, make sure you choose a product quite light weighted and portable.


This is an additional feature that you may or may not consider. There are some USB powered portable monitors available on the market that are outfitted with speakers but generally not of good quality. But this might not always be the case. People who do rely on in-built audio-system should consider this factor at the time of purchasing. And those who use headsets might be contented with speakers of low quality.


It is very much essential for a traveler to have a USB powered portable monitor. As explained in the article above, one can be benefited with it in so many different ways as per one’s liking. Due to its light weight and less power consumption, a traveler (or any other person) can take it along on trips or business tours. Taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned specifications you can choose one for you. In case of any query drop a comment below!
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