How To Become A Computer Genius or Expert

How To Become A Computer Genius or Expert
Due to the day by day successively growing foundations of IT (Information Technology), now everybody wants to become a computer expert especially our new generation or youngsters. So for that, they join computer institutes or different academies to become an expert of computer. But always remember, to learn anything you must have a passion for it. If you’ve a passion or dedication then you can learn anything or even everything without any external resources like academies, institutes etc.

To become a computer expert in today’s era, you don’t need now to do extra effort. Its 21st century and to learn anything else about, a majority of us don’t prefer books. We prefer to use the internet. This phrase has now become so old that nobody is better than a book. I accept that books are very good friend. But now internet is too. Internet is not just a good friend, it has another disguise, a devil face. Now it depends on us how we take it. As a negative friend or positive? If we use it to learn then it will give us lots of benefits in return. But if we use the internet for pornography or waste our time on facebook, twitter etc so we are losing ourselves.

Well! I just want to awake those who are wasting their valuable time on the internet. Those users who wanna become a computer expert to impress your family, friends etc so below I’m gonna share few basic and common ways to increase information about computer. Just follow below and increase your skills without facing any trouble.

Learn About Basic Hardwares

The first and basic stuff is try to learn about basic hardwares of computer. Because it is important. You should have knowledge about processor, RAM, Hard drive (HDD), Solid state drive (SSD), Graphics card (GPU) etc. Once you learnt about them then you can proceed to learn more easily. To do that, simply open your system case and try to check which type of RAM is installed DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4? Furthermore check your Processor, Hard drive, Graphics card etc. After that try to learn about operating system especially about Windows, Mac and Linux. Learn tricks and secrets of operating system (OS) and try to apply them. Search articles of How to’s on the internet and follow them. Please remember one thing that if you’re learning about tricks but not applying them so you’re wasting your time. Practically applying is necessary.

With learning about it, I have a recommendation for you that try to make friends who have knowledge and also learning like you. Because you can discuss and increase your knowledge from this way. Try to join computer related groups and communities on Facebook and Google+, and ask questions here and share knowledge as well. You can also like pages of tricks so that you can in touch with new updates.

Internet Is The Best Teacher

Internet is an excellent teacher. As we know if we search about anything else on the internet, so it gives us a specific best result. That’s why we can consider to internet as a good teacher. Try to make a habit that whenever you get free then search about new upcoming products like Graphics card, latest softwares, news about technology on the internet and try to increase your knowledge as much as possible for you. So first thing is to search on Google or Bing. Second is to be connect with social sites and join different groups for discussion and connectivity.

You can join different groups on Facebook, communities on Google+ and linkedIn. Similarly, try to add yourself in lists on Twitter which are related to computers, tech news etc and follow various computer experts.
How To Become A Computer Genius or Expert

Learn Programming or Other Languages

Learning about languages is another step to increase your skills. Because every computer expert knows computer languages like programming, web developing etc. Even hacking is good if you learn ethical hacking, otherwise not. But to do it, you must have to know about coding. Without coding, how can you do?

To learn computer languages, there are lots of institutes or academies but you have to pay money. So learn it through the internet. There are many books available on the internet that will definitely help you to learn about languages. Furthermore, there are also available many websites. You can create an account on them and start your programming course free online. Recently, I also wrote an article “3 Websites To Learn Free Programming And Coding Online”. So must check out my recommended sites and start your learning for programming from today.

Seek or Learn About Softwares and Applications

Understanding of softwares is extremely important. Because in today’s era, sofrwares are playing an important role in computers technology. So it’s important to know which software is used for what purpose. Learn about MS Office, Adobe, Sony Vegas etc. Different sites on the internet like Filehippo, CNET, Softonic etc are there that provide software legally without viruses or scams. So again saying internet is the best teacher. Search on the internet to know about softwares. Watch tutorials on youtube for quick learning.

Final Opinion

So these are some basic highlighted ways that will help you to become a computer expert. If you have a dedication and want to do hard work so you can do it easily. Actually it’s all about the priority and passion. You don’t have money but if you seriously want to become an expert of computer, just follow above. Once you started basic mentioned ways, after that you will be understood everything about it and you would be able to find more ways too.

Well! if you think this article is helpful for all who are interested in becoming computer expert, so do not forget to share it with them. If you also want to suggest some other ways or want to give us tips, so you can via comment below.

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