3 Best Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus

Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
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If you’ve bored from your old start menu style, so the time over is to be bored. Below I’m sharing few light softwares to change theme of start menus. So if you’ve installed Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 then must check out below listed tools and change design or theme of your Windows start menus.

From Microsoft’s first operating system to Windows 7, if you notice, so there’s no big difference between all start menus. First time Microsoft introduced some thing new in Windows 8, but due to the lots of bugs and issues, this operating system had been considered a flop version. But still there are some people who like Windows 8. They like its theme, its speed and more other stuff which make this operating system more attractive. If you also like Windows 8 or 8.1 but don’t like its start menu and due to its start menu, if you’re not using so must try below tool which makes Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu like Windows 7’s start menu.

Similarly, if you’re Windows 7 user then must try first tool in below list. You will also like Windows 7 new start menu.

1. Start Menu 7

Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
This one tool is for Windows 7 users. Actually, it helps to minimize start menu icons which makes start menu look more better. It also increases transparency and placement of icons. You can customize overall start menu according to your wish. It is available in both normal and professional versions.

It works very simple. There’s no professional science behind this. Actually, this tool replaces the original start menu and shows its own menu which is very similar to default menu. It adds itself in autostart list while installation. So you can manage this by using ‘msconfig’.

Once the programs installed, so you can manage all programs settings by clicking on programs icon at right bottom notification area. So try it and change something new in your Windows 7.

2. Start Menu 8

Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
Start menu 8 is especially designed for Windows 8 or 8.1 users. This tool offers to change its own provided menu from default. Basically, Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu when opens then it reserves a full screen that may waste time of some users. So if you want to make Windows 8 start menu be like Windows 7 so this one tools is best for you. Everything is fine and light. It’s smooth in running and never reserves huge CPU usage. So must try it and give your opinions about it via comment below.

3. Jet Start

Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
This tool is basically for both users, I mean Windows 7 and 8 . But it’s fully supported for 8 users. This offers you to quickly access your favorite applications. In this tool, you can manage shortcuts by dragging and dropping upportunity and you can also launch couple of programs together at same time. It’s seriously awesome and very different from other. Some people would like to use, but some won’t use it more. This tool is available on both free and paid versions. Paid version is ‘Jetstart Pro’ which has following additional features:


  • You can make your own categories.
  • Auto-start controller for applications.
  • You can set hotkeys to open applications directly.

Final Words

So, these were 3 tools, which are best in my views. Must install and use them. I hope, everybody will love to use. If you know about more other similar tools then must share via comment below and don’t forget to share this article, if you think, this is really helpful.

If you’ve also used any one in above mentioned tools, so must give your views about them and share your opinions via comment. Your support will encourage us.
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