4 Tips To Hire A Proficient PHP Developer

4 Tips To Hire A Proficient PHP Developer
PHP is a popular General purpose scripting language, especially suited for Web Development. It is well suited for web development as other lightweight server-side languages like python have been adapted to the web, whereas PHP is web-driven since the start.

PHP developers work with websites, applications, using the dynamic scripting language PHP. Hiring a PHP developer is the most tedious and crucial job as the entire success or Failure of the website depends on the PHP Developer. He is the flexible members of the IT team and manages database management, server technology, and operating systems.

Four Important tips that one must always remember while hiring a PHP Developer are:

1. Technical Knowledge

Nowadays anyone can Mug up the concepts and background knowledge about any language and earn a certificate. Therefore, asking stereotype questions like

“Who developed PHP?” or “When PHP was developed?” should be avoided while hiring the Candidate

Also, the easily found on the internet should be avoided.

Instead of Bookish Knowledge, technical knowledge should be tested with questions like

“How different PHP framework works?” or “PHP design patterns and which should be used when?”

After Technical Enquiry, past experiences and projects of the candidate should be looked upon to know more about the candidate’s technical knowledge and working skills.

2. Communication skills

The single most important determinant of success in Business is Communication. No matter what kind of Business you have or how big or small the business is, to drive business successfully a person with effective communication skills is necessary. There is no use in hiring a candidate with good technical knowledge but poor communication skills as at the end of the day communication skills is going to widen your audience and client base and gain their trust because of the clarity of thoughts and ideas put in front of them through communication Irrespective of all the Knowledge the Developer must excel in all means of communication right from Audio, Video, Text, Email, and Speech. Communication is the main key to success a candidate must have it in him/her to strengthen the relationships and create the positive attitude

3. Appoint Candidate As Per Your Requirement

Though it is important to hire a candidate based on technical knowledge and credentials it is also equally important to hire a candidate that would fit in requirement list.

Before hiring the candidate, you must be clear about the candidate you are looking for. You must think before head that you want someone with determination, persistence, curiosity or relaxed about time and deadlines suits your culture. And based on the premade list the candidate must be hired. For this, just paper examination is not sufficient a small research on work background must be done to come to an opinion.
4 Tips To Hire A Proficient PHP Developer
Getting a developer that perfectly fits in your requirement list is important because this exact behavior leak into the projects they handle for you and it the candidate is not up to your mark and expectation the project he is working on won’t be satisfactory even.

4. Adaptability

In today's Era it is more important to be flexible and responsive, as there are plenty of resources and creativity available to learn from, plenty of challenges and opportunities to grow from. Things are changing at a greater and faster rate every minute. Therefore, the ability to adapt to surrounding changes is most important. It is important to adapt in order to reinvent and recreate ourselves.

There is a lot of power in adaptability and it is must in the business world. It is very important to hire an easily adaptable developer for the Company rather than hiring a candidate who is excellent in only one skill
With the development of new technologies customers needs are always changing because of this advancement within a small time span a certain skill set can become absolutely useless therefore nowadays it's always better to hire a web developer who can learn new technologies easily rather than hiring someone who knows a specific technology excellently and who is not ready to adapt.

The easiest way to identify whether the developer is willing to adapt to the changes is by asking him questions about new inventions, this will reveal whether a Web developer has a love for learning.

A willing developer should always keep him updated by reading advancements, attending meet-ups and collecting as much new information as possible. This will help him adapt easily to changes.


A PHP developer has the power to transfer your dreams into reality, popular your Online brand in the world and attracts customers in this highly competitive virtual world whereas an ineffective PHP developer can be proven as a setback to the entire team and potentially worsen the entire project. Therefore, it is really important to hire a PHP developer after proper thinking and questioning.

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