The Best Free AI Apps That Can Enhance Your Productivity

The Best Free AI Apps That Can Enhance Your Productivity
2018 is the year you can set a goal for becoming more productive and achieve it effectively. Some people think productivity becomes a subtle objective when they try to reach the goal.

Artificial Intelligence can leverage the power of smart insights for improving the time consumption. In this article, we are going to reveal the best AI apps that can enhance your productivity by a great extent. Read along to discover everything:

1. The Mezi

An increasing number of travel sites can make it tricky to confirm travel arrangements. Even if you decide to book a flight or hotel in less time such as half-hour or even less, then it’s easy to be lost in the conducting research and price comparison.

You might end up wasting an entire hour prior to realizing. Mezi is an AI-based solution that allows you to provide preferences of trips through talking to AI based Chatbots. Apart from doing all the relevant research, Mezi can lend a helping hand when something unexpected happens such as flight cancellation.

Mezi can make a trip entertaining through offering automation of reservations at different restaurants, facilitating the ticket ordering process. Once you start using Mezi on either the Android or the iOS device, you will spend less time on planning, and enjoy more in travelling.

According to research, AI will be able to boost productivity effectively by almost 40 percent by the year 2035. Researchers believe that AI makes people more innovative and creative, allowing them to transform how the workforce works.

2. Trevor

Trevor stands as the popular AI-powered app that lets you combine the task schedule and calendar into a single interface. In addition, this application offers an integrated feature that provides you with time-management tips. Among the best features in Trevor lies the Trevor bot that works flawlessly on messenger. For instance, you can send a message to it for a task such as buying a birthday gift, and it will provide you with smart suggestions regarding the best time for it. You can download the Trevor app and start using it hassle-freely.


Meeting scheduling has never been easier before Meeting schedules can be done with maximum efficiency through using This app accepts the cumbersome aspects in a day through scheduling meetings on behalf of a user. You can CC an email address during the initial attempts when planning a meeting. This app can learn from interactions.

4. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

People who have been through know transcription can often become a tedious process. The Otter Voice Meeting Notes stands as the popular AI app that can make transcription tasks less resource consuming. Otter relies on the AI for recognition of speech, detecting multiple voices at once. Also, this app offers an exclusive keyword search feature for transcribed media. You can download the Otter for iOS and Android devices from AppStore and PlayStore respectively.

5. Legal Robot

If you happen to have no lawyer in the family, then this app can make sense of a legal document. Legal Robot can become your next favourite app, enabling you to sign or create contracts secretively. This app rids you from a feeling of overwhelm or requiring you to hire a law professional.

This app features an automated error-identification feature, allowing you to assess content for risks. In addition, AI technology can compare material with different databases, and provide you with tips for following best practices. This app can flag different parts in a document that could be perplexing.

If you are into legal paper processing business, you can hire android app developers, and build a fantastic app for your business.

Final Words

In case, you haven’t explored the true potential of AI applications, then 2018 is the best year to do so. The AI has started to emerge in almost every industry. Be it the health care, food, manufacturing, travelling, or recreational activities, AI is transforming the way things had been done in the past.

Artificial Intelligence brings in great potential for diverse businesses. Considering how consumers’ demands can become multidimensional, businesses have started embracing personalization and keeping up with the pace. AI has helped the businesses great time. Let it be improving the e-commerce experience to enhancing business processes including supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and more, AI can deliver endless benefits.

Since AI can deliver tremendous benefits in mobile apps, it isn’t surprising that various businesses have started investing in AI apps. These apps can be marketed hassle-freely and help businesses to succeed.

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