5 Productivity Power Tools For 2016

5 Productivity Power Tools For 2016
Since technology is constantly innovating and moving forward, there is a common thought that we have no choice but to keep up with it and embrace as much as we possibly can. But is the reality really that harsh? As much as some people can disagree, this statement is completely true. Actually, nowadays it's becoming impossible to spend a day without your smartphone or laptop. Tools and applications have completely filled our daily lives and the majority of people are fine with that. Throughout the years, we happily embraced this new role that technology plays in both our work and private lives.

So Why Does This Matter?

Well, let's turn toward work to get an answer to that question. When it comes to our work, we can immediately notice some differences that were not present just a couple of years ago. Recently we have started to explore digitizing documents and streamlining certain tasks, which encompasses a wide variety of tools, some of which have experienced a significant rise in popularity.

I can’t emphasize this enough — the better the tools, the faster our job is done. With this in mind, let's focus on the productivity tools that can help you finish your goals quicker. Luckily for us, in 2016 there are plenty of productivity websites and apps that we can use and enjoy. Here are our picks for the top productivity apps of 2016:

1. Pocket

Pocket is used for saving resources so you can read them whenever you find convenient.
This is a really useful tool when you don't have the time to check something that you found online, but you wish to save it for later. You save articles, pictures, videos or any type of file for that matter. The application can be synchronized with your phone or computer and everything that’s in your “Pocket” can be viewed offline, as well. This is one tool that you’ll wish to have, trust us.

2. PDF to Powerpoint

PDF to Powerpoint converter is a perfect solution for people who would like to prepare PowerPoint presentations in minutes. Converting to PowerPoint has never been easier and with an integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, this tool can convert both native and scanned documents. It is completely web based and free to use and the high conversion accuracy will keep your ppt document as close as possible to the source PDF. This way, you have more time to prepare your talk and dominate that public speaking event.

3. Hipchat

HipChat can be described as a team-based chat with a main focus on business users. It is a platform that provides features such as video calling, screen and file sharing, group chat and many more. It runs on all devices: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. With Hipchat, you and your team will always be informed and you’ll reduce the risks of not getting that important message. So bookmark it and keep on chatting.
5 Productivity Power Tools For 2016

4. Mindmeister

With MindMeister you can easily capture and share your own or your team's ideas. It helps you the most in the initial brainstorming phase, if you are starting out a new project or if you simply have an idea that you’d like to work on. Not only that, but you can take notes, plan projects, create business strategies and get involved with many more inspiring tasks. It is completely web-based, so just open your browser and start creating your mind maps. If you are a creative person who thinks visually, then this is a perfect tool for you.

5. Unroll.me

I am sure you are extremely familiar with the concept of email newsletters. Almost every service you sign up to will bombard you with a ton of promotional emails, some of which are completely irrelevant and you simply can't be bothered to read them. Introducing, Unroll.me.

Unroll.me identifies your email subscriptions and compiles them into one rolled-up email list. If you don't have time to regularly clean your mail, this tool makes your inbox shine bright like a diamond (no pun intended, Rihanna).

Unroll creates a unique place for all those newsletters so you can go through them if you wish to and not spend ages opening every single newsletter email. Clean inbox — clean life, right?

One thing is certain: with tools like these you will certainly increase your productivity and manage everyday tasks more easily. With increased productivity, you will be a beast in the office which means you’ll have more courage to take on even the hardest of tasks. By embracing technology, you are allowing yourself to a self-confidence boost which will, in turn, give you better results and increased energy.

Bottom Line?

You can achieve all of this with a set of carefully picked online tools. Not so bad if you ask me.
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