Wordpress Security That Everyone Should Know (Infographic)

Wordpress Security That Everyone Should Know
The WordPress is one of the most popular and fastest Content Management Systems for the website owners. With its popularity comes many problems for website owners and security is one of the major problem among all those problems.

WordPress is the best blogging platform and from now it is so easy to migrate from drupal to WordPress ,so it is no surprise in the fact that that they are a very popular target for both experienced hackers and malware viruses.Almost every day we came to know some scary report about a hacking of major sites and databases and these news makes everyone worried about the security of their own site.

Maintaining WordPress security is a crucial factor in order to ensure that your site isn’t compromised,your data is safe, and your site runs as quickly as possible.

In order to keep your Wordpress site safe and secure following measures cant be adapted-

Secure Your Wordpress Admin Area

User name for your main administrator account should not be too much common that can be easily guessed by hackers.

Plugins and Website Should Be Regularly Updated

When we talk about updates, WordPress website along with the plugins you are using should be regularly updated. Since Hacking old versions of Wordpress is bit easy for hackers.

Use Strong Passwords

Always make sure that the password that you are using for your website should be strong enough that no can be able to get it easily so as to reduce the chances of insecurity.

Install SSL Certificate

Sometimes user shares their detail with the site such credit card, password and other confidential information. SSL Certificate encrypts all the information transfer between visitor browser and web server. Only CA (Certificate Authority) issue SSL Certificate and top cheap SSL certificates providers offer the same Certificate of trusted CA`s. Buy one that suits best and secure your website from hackers.

Remove Viruses from your Website

It is also one of the important measure for safety so, always keep your website clean and up-to-date by removing all the malware and viruses from site so that site.

Apart from these, there are many other methods to regulate the security of your Wordpress website.

To know more about Wordpress security let's take a look on below infographic depicting more information related to Wordpress security.
Wordpress Security That Everyone Should Know
This infographic is shared here after a legal permission from CMSTOWP.
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