Is Accelerated Mobile Page Necessary For Your Website?

Accelerated Mobile Page Necessary For Your Website
Accelerated Mobile Page is an open-source platform that allows websites to quicken their load time; by focusing on loading the content. It allows a website to quickly load content for mobile users, through heavy use of the cache. It rips down some important features of the website when loading; but that is obvious when the purpose is to quicken the loading time. This feature is not advised for every website though; only those websites which focus on content should go for this method. Basically, it is only directed at mobile users for not everyone uses the same high-speed connection. You might have seen the term ‘AMP’ being shown in different Google Searches, most of those being shown with a news or content website.


The trend hasn’t been here long enough for us to judge if it would become a ranking factor in pushing up your website’s name. Though, it has become really important for many news websites to publish content in AMP for their users. It all depends on the numbers of viewers who use a mobile phone to visit your website. If your viewers use mobile phones more to surf your website, putting in AMP would be a great way to keep them engaged to your website.

Pros And Cons

There are many pros and cons to it. Con- It rips out some features of your page. It does not allow you to use Javascript and allows for only a streamlined version of CSS. This makes it harder for web developers to put buttons on webpages. Pro- It quickens the load time to a maximum of 1.5 seconds creating a high chance for a website to engage a visitor. Con- It is hard to make all the pages AMP if you want to as you will have to put in code everywhere. Pro- The server performance is improved to the limit as it uses cache to speed up the search result.

To implement AMP on your website, you will have to let go of some features. It is either that or increased load time. If you are using a blog, it will help you out a lot to use AMP on your websites.
Impact on Traffic

AMP will help increase traffic a lot. If you decide to use it on your webpages, it will load up quickly enough to be seen by the viewer. It has been proven that webpages with a load time of more than 3 seconds have a tendency to turn away their viewers. If your load time is lesser, people will see what you are offering even if the page is stripped down of some of its rich features. It will eventually help boost your rankings, even if it is still not a ranking factor. As more and more people identify your website to be relevant, search engines will automatically push up your website. In this digital age, a few seconds’ delays can turn away thousands of potential customers so it only makes sense to use AMP in these cases. Other than that, if you have a website that thrives on rich content; using AMP will not be feasible in that case. You will be cutting out your USP and that will only harm your website ranking. It all depends on the content you are serving up if using AMP is cutting out your best stuff; then, there would be no use of it.

The trend is still ongoing and if more visitors flock to AMP pages than normal ones; you will have to rethink your strategy. Times keep changing, so be prepared to be surprised.


I have mentioned all the important aspects of AMP. We have seen more visitors flocking to sites which are offering AMP and even Google Searches are throwing up AMP results first in many scenarios. Search engines want the best experience for their users; we will be seeing more usage of AMP in the coming times. If you are thinking of putting AMP codes in all your pages, do analyze the trend. It might be that your visitors love the rich features of your website and it is the only reason they click on your link. If that is the scenario, you will have to first talk to your visitors if you can. In modern times, the customer is always right. If you can ask for their opinion before coming to a decision, it will only benefit your website as you will be able to take a smart decision. Not going for AMP at the moment would also be a balanced decision; you should not take hasty decisions in such matters. Most mobile users are irritated when they can’t find simple features on their screen; they want all the features they see in the desktop. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to irritate them when they are your bread and butter.

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