Control Everything With These Smart Remote Apps

Control Everything With These Smart Remote Apps
If you haven’t used universal remote controls, you must have heard or read about some of them somewhere. A universal remote control works as a single remote for all remote-control devices and appliances at your home or office. However, it can cost a significant sum of money, up to several thousand rupees. But why pay so much when you can get even more benefits for a few bucks, or even free?

No, it’s not a hypothetical situation. Remote apps really make it possible by letting you control your devices through the most common device in use – your mobile phone.

Following is the list of the most used apps that enable you to control everything.
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1. Peel Smart Remote

Compatible with more than 150 electronics brands and over 4,00,000 devices, Peel remote for Android phones is certainly one of the best choices.

Its TV programme guide lets you browse channels by categories, genres, and what’s trending and upcoming. It also lets you schedule a watchlist along with reminders for up to a week in advance. Peel is an intelligent TV watching assistant which recommends you programmes based on what you may want to watch.

Even if you don’t have a cable connection, Peel TV remote can still deliver a great experience using its compatibility with streaming devices like Chromecast and Roku, and channels such as Netflix and YouTube.

Peel uses a highly intelligent voice technology which can even interpret the context f the commands. So, if you’re looking for a program you don’t know the name of, try speaking out a few smart hints to the app and get ready to get impressed.

2. Anymote

Anymote is an app loaded with impressive features and an intuitive and responsive interface.

Anymote can work with more than 9,00,000 different devices and appliances.

Anymote helps you create macros using which you can send multiple commands simultaneously. That means you can smoothly control many devices at a time through a single tap. You can also use the app to automate tasks. Thus, you don’t even have to interact with it to send a command. For example, you can programme your TV to go on mute automatically as soon as you get a call on your phone.

3. SURE Universal Remote App

SURE is one of the popular remote apps and a primary reason for this is its ability to control over a million devices, which means almost any smart device. Like Peel remote control, SURE also uses IR and Wi-fi technologies. However, it needs a controller to switch from Wi-fi to IR.

What further adds to its user-friendliness is that it allows a smooth file exchange between TV and phone. Also, it can stream photos, audios and videos from the phone on the TV screen. As in other leading remote apps like Peel and Anymote, SURE is also equipped with voice-recognition capabilities and can work with Alexa.

The backup feature is another significant advantage of the app. It stores the configuration so that you don’t have to repeat the process from scratch when you change your phone.

4. Smart IR Remote

Smart IR remote is a simple app with a responsive interface. It allows you to customize buttons according to your preference. This includes changing button color, positioning, background, text etc. If you like, you can add vibration with taps to add to the experience.

Smart IR remote has a large database of several remotes which enables it to control a wide range of devices. Despite this, one limitation of the Smart IR Remote is that it’s unable to save multiple remotes.

The app also lets you control multiple devices simultaneously by setting macros, somewhat similar to Anymote. Another advantage with the app is that you can still control devices through it while you’re using other apps.

5. Asmart Remote IR

If you can be a little lenient on user-friendliness, Asmart can be a good choice for a universal remote app. Besides offering a unique design for every device, it has nice animation effects to add a fun element to the user experience.

Asmart helps you organize your controls by letting you create different rooms. This is where it shares a similarity with Peel IR remote. Rooms feature lets you set up controls for devices in a specific room and switching between rooms is also quite easy. You can customize the name of a room according to your preference.

Asmart only works with Android phones equipped with IR-blaster. Its inability to work with Wi-fi is one of the limitations.

If you aren’t using a remote app at present, you may want to give them a try. Other than enjoying a lot of innovative features that a physical remote is unable to provide, you’ll never have to worry about looking for your remote under the cushions.
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