8 Top Tips For Outstanding E-Commerce Graphic Design

Tips For Outstanding E-Commerce Graphic Design
Graphic design is a very interesting, inspiring and challenging field that there are very few professionals able to work in. It needs several vital factors that are used by the graphic designer to give the best results. An outstanding e-commerce graphic design is very imperative for converting visitors into potential customers. The graphic design of your website should be attractive and as stress-free as possible. Today in this post, we will discuss the effective tips for outstanding affordable graphic design.

1.Defamiliarized Layouts

In the previous graphic design of e-commerce websites, we have found the layouts of advertisements and websites were quite similar. Generally, users avoid the use of the right corners of the windows because those are integrated with advertisements. But now you will experience asymmetrical and scattered grid styled layouts.

With defamiliarized layouts, the information you are looking for would not be kept in traditional formats like rectangle and square. Now it is the time to remove the old pattern and implement innovative strategies for creative design.

2. 3D Approach

The design is one of the crucial factors that play an important role in making a project outstanding and worth. Moreover, this inspires the designers to efficiently work on multiple projects to experience the ultra-modern techniques in designing. Similarly, designers are having keen interests in designing 3D projects. Some of the 3D projects are staged elements, representations of elements and objects in a 3D space.

This concept creates interest among users as because of product presentation that gives real-life experience. These graphic designs further complicated though and might represent real and created objects.


Gradients are widely used by graphic designers for photos, backgrounds, videos, inside images, etc. In graphic designing for an e-commerce website, colors have always played a major role and gradients have been a key element of that role. Colors are indeed the backbone in designing and some colors come in with their own specialty and those colors are the preferred choice for gradients. For e.g. for a better combination, bright colors can be used. Remember, it is not mandatory that all gradients should be bright and bold. You can also use gradients with real elements, typography, and illustrations.

4.Minimal Navigation

It was the older times, when ecommerce website used to have big size menus, but now the trend have been shifted towards using minimal and hidden navigation elements. You must have seen websites that do not display anything on their homepage. Such websites display small menu boxes on right or left-hand corner on the website.

Applying such new techniques on the ecommerce website will give a best way to graphic design. This design will motivate users to go further and browse your website. Currently, most of the designers are focussing on this trend for a unique navigation.
Tips For Outstanding E-Commerce Graphic Design

5.Photo Overlays

In graphic designing, Photo overlays are one of the best techniques that are widely used for hiding color imperfections and give a clear view to the users. You can focus on color overlays to covert an image into something that will reflect your brand identity. For color overlays, most of the business owners have used a full layer that reflects a color overlay on the image.

6.Fluid & Liquid Effect

Fluid and liquid effect is one of the most unique and hard parts in the graphic design. The reason behind this is that here the surface of the water is converted into graphic design, which is indeed tough to implement. This technique is highly appreciated and recommended for all designers to implement. Designing such experimental graphics will generate curiosity among users and motivate them to visit your website several times. You can use any form of liquid like water, oil or any other substance.

7.Outline Typography Without Colours

There are various outline elements that were introduced in graphic designing but among them very few are on-going. The outline typography is one of the trending techniques nowadays that most of the designers are following. This technique is highly beneficial when you want to talk with the users in a short time with minimum words. Outline Typography technique is ideal for interior design, website designs, logo design, etc.

8.Customize Illustrations

Earlier, bold and thick lines patterns were used by the designers for illustration. But this has been now shifted to elegant and delicate illustration, which is influenced by natural and botanical factors. It looks amazing on the packaging and gives an elegant and pleasing effect against a textured background. This technique is widely being used by bloggers, designers, social media handlers, artist, etc.


Graphic design for an e-commerce website will present composition designs that will understand and attract the mind-set of the viewer. You will have to understand and examine the best technique that will work better for your business and then implement them accordingly. The above mentioned effective tips will help you to create outstanding and affordable graphic design for e-commerce website.

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