Attract Customers To Your eCommerce Store With These 7 Steps

Attract Customers To Your eCommerce Store
As more and more companies are exploiting the opportunities offered by eCommerce, the competition is becoming fiercer. In order to stand out and survive, a company offering its product or service online must take a proactive approach towards attracting customers.

Create Great Content

If you communicate with your customers mainly in the virtual world, the thing that influences your clients’ opinion of your offer the most is definitely the content that you offer on your website, particularly in the blog section. Statistics show that almost two-thirds of people have decided to buy a product based on what they’ve read in a blog.

Having excellent blog entries is also important for getting more inbound links, which is crucial for your Google ranking. Finally, creating a good content helps attract new clients, maintain contact with them and help your brand grow.

Build A Mailing List

Email, as the best means of communicating with online clients, remains extremely efficient since it talks directly to those who have already expressed interest in your offer by signing up to the mailing list. Another useful feature of email is that the message received is perceived as targeted and personalized by the customer.

What you need to do is establish a system for collecting as many email addresses as possible, which means you might want to add a sign-up form on your website. Also, ask clients who buy your products in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, if applicable, to leave their addresses if they are interested in receiving information from your company.

Don’t Be Afraid To Invest In Online Advertising

Since you’re focused on offering products or services online, you should be ready to invest in reaching the population that is confident about their presence in the virtual world. For example, Facebook ads are simple, you can create a personalized campaign which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. One additional advantage is that you can start with a really small amount of money, see how it goes and adjust your campaign accordingly, for any financial assistance with budgeting your campaign, turn to On Deck company. Right now, this seems to be the best advertising channel for online promotion, although definitely not the only one.
Attract Customers To Your eCommerce Store

Get In Touch With Influencers

One of the best and most efficient ways to boost your audience is to connect with people or websites which have a huge number of followers on Twitter or Instagram. Sometimes it takes just one tweet or post about you to send thousands of potential customers your way.

However, such help comes at a price. Whether they ask you for a fee or some of your products or services, depends on the influencer’s power. If you’re really lucky and if they like what you’re doing, they might even do it for free if you ask them politely.

Focus On Instagram

Although you need to be present in every social media, Instagram is currently the one that has the most engaged and responsive users (recently Instagram influencers have increased their engagements and grow up an audience in millions. So now you can lift your brand by employ your brand hashtag), which is something you need if you wish to attract more customers. The introduction of the “buy-now” button means that online stores can turn viewers and followers into customers instantly. Naturally, the quality of the images you post has to be right to trigger the desired response.


Everybody loves buying something they believe was a bargain, which means you should organize occasional sales. The fact that you set a deadline for such an event means that people are more likely to act in order not to miss out on this great opportunity. Some of them will be your first-time buyers, which is great, since they are likely to remain loyal if they’re satisfied with your offer.

Traditional Way

Even though the focus has shifted onto the digital world, we shouldn’t completely neglect the real world. People still go to traditional stores and move about, which means you can catch their attention by leaving leaflets, brochures or posters where they might see them. Once you attract their attention and raise awareness, your contact may continue in the virtual world.


Although every company operates in a specific set of circumstances, there are some universal tips for boosting your online sales. These seven steps are among the most obvious, yet efficient ones, but they sometimes get neglected.

If you really want to attract more online customers, you’ll start from here and adapt your strategy depending on the results of your campaign. The most important thing, however, is to keep working on this issue.

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