How Chatbots Are Driving Transformation In The Media And Entertainment Industry?

Chatbots Transforming Media and Entertainment Industry
Companies in the Media and Entertainment industry often combat to achieve personalization while communicating with their audience, leading to lower customer acquisition and retention. As the industry is ever evolving with delights like movies, music, gaming, news, and more, the role of conversational chatbots is of manifold importance.

According to a study, by adding chatbots, organizations in the media and entertainment industry can achieve a 30% increase in customer engagement and a 45% increase in customer query resolution.

By implementing chatbots, media and entertainment companies can engage their audience better with personalized content delivery and enhanced user experience. For example, the music industry can implement Chatbots to create a more personalized playlist for users based on their preferences.
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As you can see, the use cases are multiple and industry-specific. But let’s have a look at the most widespread benefits Chatbots offer for the companies in the media and entertainment industry.

1. Enhanced Audience Engagement

Chatbots collect and analyze customer data online and hence predict their behavior. As a result, bots can send personalized content to the users and encourage them to stay on the website leading to improved user engagement and experience.

Additionally, bots allow media and entertainment organizations to broadcast their content to a huge user base globally. Chatbots can also be easily integrated with social media (like Facebook) platform, hence resulting in better click-through rates and engagement. For example, the leading pizza brand Domino’s implemented its food ordering Chatbot on Facebook Messenger that allows the customers to order pizzas within seconds without creating an account first.

2. Hassle Free Browsing

Chatbots ensure a smooth browsing experience for the users by controlling the content delivered to them. Users can simply interact with the Chatbot to fetch the required information and get all their queries answered without much effort.

Hence, Chatbots help users by saving them from navigating through the entire website or downloading a dedicated app to browse and discover content.

3. Improved Customer Service

According to recent studies, most people consider customer service the key to engage with a brand and look for a personalized experience. Here, bots can play a major role. In fact, 69% of users prefer Chatbots over other communication channels for getting in touch with companies.

Many entertainment companies such as gaming studios, audio/video streaming sites, news blogs, etc. usually lack enough customer care representatives who can quickly and efficiently assist their clients. These companies can employ chatbots to quickly help their customers without costing a fortune and result in greater ROI.

4. Provide 24/7 Assistance

Many popular entertainment websites and apps are being accessed by the users at even odd hours. Businesses cannot let go off this opportunity by lacking in offering continuous support.

As chatbots work 24/7, you can provide round the clock assistance to the customers along with notifying about the latest updates, sending personalized offers, and much more. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots can adequately respond to customer actions and queries.

5. Send Personalized Notifications

Chatbots can easily understand user behavior. As soon as users select their preferences, bots can predict their interests and based on it, they can send personalized alerts on the latest news, weather updates, recommendations on movies and show timings, etc.

Chatbots can also help media and entertainment companies to sell more merchandise by pushing relevant products to the customer base, including tickets of upcoming events and other personalized offers.

6. Conduct Customer Surveys

Through Chatbots, you can create highly engaging, interactive, and personalized customer surveys that can help you measure customer satisfaction and improve their experience. Chatbots can handle all types of customer satisfaction surveys such as website, product, sales, and support across multiple channels.

Chatbots can also automatically collect customer feedback and provide actionable insights that you can implement to improve your marketing efforts.

To Sum Up

Overall, chatbots are considered to be a revolution in the media and entertainment industry as they can effectively optimize the routine tasks of the companies. Hence, the future of this industry is strong with Chatbots playing a major role in the coming years. Bots have the potential of attracting new customers, improving customer experience, and significantly reducing costs.

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