How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology

AI: Past, Present And Future

The addition of increasingly complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smartphones will bring a paradigm shift to the technology. Today, AI is no longer relegated to discussions about futuristic innovation; it has become a current topic of research and exploration. AI is not limited to obvious applications like Apple’s Siri and Google assistance. The technology has taken a major leap and is set to bring about a revolution in the mobile tech world. China has laid out major plans to invest $400 billion in AI, investing in startups (see chart, below) and become the market leader of AI technology. AI is in the early stages but is growing exponentially, and the mobile tech world needs to strike while the iron is hot.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology
Source: The Wall Street Journal

In the coming years, immersive technology is likely to transform the mobile tech world. Here are some ways that AI will usher in a technological revolution.

AI And The Internet Of Things (IoT) – The Rising Stars Of Technology

AI and Internet of Things (IoT) are futuristic concepts, but in the coming years, they will dominate the mobile app development sector. AI is empowering IoT enabled devices to gather real-time data and make decisions based on the information processed. That means that artificial intelligence is helping mobile apps to learn with every new piece of information, and is improving the decision-making ability of IoT devices. AI allows for hassle-free interaction and makes life easier for technology-laden customers.

AI And Chatbots – Is There A Future?

One of the most practical evolutions of AI is the new chatbot. This customer service asset is bridging the decade-old gap between customers and businesses by improving customer experience. The growing penetration of chatbots is likely to bring about a change in the mobile tech world. These AI-powered chatbots are resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction, as businesses can provide 24-hour support to their customers. The technology is creating an unprecedented change in how companies, customers and developers think about intelligent interaction with a mobile app.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology
Source: Digitalgo

AI And languages – The Future Of Translation

With growing global diversification, more translation apps are being launched worldwide. However, a majority of these apps make use of the internet to analyze the text or image, in order to translate from one language to another. With the integration of AI and machine learning (ML), a smartphone can translate in real-time, even without an internet connection.

AI And High App Authentication – What Will It Mean?

With an increase in “connected” devices, AI holds more responsibility regarding security. With various data protection acts and stringent laws regarding the safety of critical customer data, businesses today need an advanced level of data security. Thanks to AI, business owners can reduce their cyber security issues by alerting customers of threats and DDoS attacks, just by analyzing customer behaviour. When used in conjunction with predictive analytics AI can be used to find and address the possible loopholes in the code or the development process.

AI And Personalization – The Key To Reaching Customers

AI is empowering developers to create apps that adapt and adjust as per the behaviour of the customer. A business owner can leverage the information collected through data points such as point-of-sale, online spending and shopping using mobile devices. The algorithms created will scan through the data, find trends and adjust the app to create a personalised customer experience. With personalisation a key in marketing, AI is able to help businesses directly target their desired customer base.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology
Source: Contently

For a business, there is no shortage of crucial data from apps, which is both positive and negative from a marketing perspective. It’s essential to properly utilise the data to make an informed decision about when to sell, whom to sell to and how to sell – this is where AI can help. The technology is empowering business owners to analyze customer behaviour on the app.

There is tremendous potential to reach a new level of sophistication with AI and mobile technology. From futuristic possibilities to current applications, and from individuals at home to major corporations – the use of AI in mobile technology is changing the way we interact with our phones and how that impacts the world around us. AI has a long way to go, but for now, the technology is already beginning to show how valuable it can be in every level of society.
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