6 Free Best Android Apps For Christmas 2015

Free And Best Christmas Apps For Android
Christmas is very near and we are ready and excited to celebrate it. Nowadays are holidays. It's an official holiday season which means people are decorating, giving surprises to others or more. In short, Happiness is everywhere. As we know, it's a technology era. Everybody has smartphones and I hope, you have an also. So if you've a smartphone and Christmas is near too, then why should we not celebrate this biggest festival with modern way?

Actually, there are several Christmas apps on Google Play Store, which are especially designed for who celebrate Christmas. You can also make this Christmas funny, comfortable, enjoyable and much exciting by using these apps. Some of the best Christmas apps are also waiting here. Try them and enjoy this holiday season.

1. Christmas Facts

This 'Christmas Facts' app is for Android users. The app is full of knowledge and interesting facts about Christmas. It's necessary to know in deep about, what we're gonna to celebrate. Usually, people suffer from wrong knowledge. They don't clear about all. But this app will help you to know everything about Christmas. The knowledge is collected from random resources. A list of amazing and interesting facts about Christmas is prepared in this apps. So install it in your Android device, read facts and Enjoy holidays.

2. Christmas List Snowball

Christmas List Snowball offers you to manage or organize your plans that you're going to do on this Christmas. In short, this app is a best Event Planner. By using this app, you can keep track your budget, gift budget etc. You can also add unlimited number of gifts in this app. Snowball effects are also there in new version that appear after shaking your phone.

The app is available in both free and paid version. Paid version has more smart options such as password protection, barcode scan , email your gift list etc. So get this app hurry and make your events easy.

3. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

You can guess by reading its title, how the app this is. The app is basically a live wallpaper, a very creative wallpaper. Just few days are left till the Christmas. But if you didn't feel Christmas and new year environment yet then use this app now. This app will help to make your smartphone's environment exact as Christmas and new year.

The app covers on few interactive characters. Touch any Christmas character and see their reaction. It's totally like a game. You can also customize this app, as you want. By double tapping on screen, setting panel will opened and where you can customize its setting. So get this one interesting app and feel something different in your smartphone. :p

4. Doodle Jump Christmas Special

Doodle Jump Christmas is really a nice Christmas game. It's a best selling mobile app of all-time, but you can now get this amazing app in free. Special edition has some additional features like a super cool rocket power-up, all-new stunning art, all-new monsters, all-new paths and challenges, chill-breath monster or more. So on these holiday season, I don't think there's an another best app than Doodle Jump Christmas Special to entertain. So get now and enjoy!

5. Christmas Tree Decoration

A very fine and simple app which offers to decorate Christmas tree in your smartphone. In this app, your kids and you, can decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments, garlands, and other decorations. It's basically a game for passing time. The app is available only for Android platforms like phones, tablet etc. There are no more features of this app like Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper, but this app is perfect to express your child's skills like colour combination, art, imagination etc. So install this another one, if you want.

6. justWink Greeting Cards

justWink Greeting Cards is a greeting card maker. As we know, the time is gone now, when we gave greeting cards to others. But it's a technology era. The tradition is still intact, but the way has been changed. This app will help you to make greeting cards in your phones and after creating them, you can also send them to others via Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS etc. In this app, you can quickly find great cards for Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Valentines day, wedding, friendship, Holidays etc. So get this app now and give greeting cards to your friends in modern way.
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