Reconnect To Retain Previous Clients [Email Marketing Tips]

Reconnect To Retain Previous Clients
Ever wondered why perfectly active customers gradually shift to the “inactive” list of email customers after the launch of a fairly successful email marketing campaign? A big misconception email marketers face at this stage of the campaign’s lifecycle is that they start focusing on acquiring new and fresh customers rather than making an attempt to retain the customers who were once active and have now stopped taking interest in the email marketing campaign.

Replacing dormant customers is costly and time consuming. A highly effective method would be to capture the interest of existing customers by using tools available such as predictive analytics and big data. These tools aid marketers in identifying such inactive customers by identifying them early on in the process. This aids in putting an end to the gradual process of losing out on these existing customers.

Online databases all over the world are now being utilized for the purpose of storing significant records of online customers and to track their history with the company. Business database Australia is one of these databases that keeps key contacts’ business lists with their names, addresses, contact numbers and much more information on how to reach these customers.

There are many more methods to reconnect with these customers before they become former customers of the company. Take a look at some mentioned below:

  1. Keeping track of customers’ digital footprints – data has literally become everything for online marketers. Digital footprints left behind by customers are used to analyze customer behavior because of the enormous amount of information they leave behind on the web. Using inactive users’ data to apply this data analysis will require marketers to audit current mail subscribers. Segmentation can really aid in this process of analysis so try to incorporate this into the data analysis procedure.
  2. Predicting customer behavior - tools such as predictive analytics now give marketers the opportunity to explore the customer behavior online months before it actually begins to happen.
  3. Motivate your customers - utilize the holiday season to send our relevant yet motivating emails. Capture your customers' interest by showing them how your product or service is essential for the upcoming holidays. Produce or introduce something new and relevant for the holiday season. Motivational content induced emails can have a great impact on customer engagement. Email subscribing customers will return if they have a good enough reason to and giving them a reason as good as saving money by offering coupons etc. is your ticket to re-engaging those customers.
  4. Show gratitude - Thank customers for staying with you for the entire year even if they have been inactive. Reminding the customers that you are grateful or showing this little gesture of gratitude, especially by availing the opportunity on New Year can prove to stand in good stead for reconnecting with your customers.
  5. Asking for regular updates - Customers feel important when information about them is being asked on a regular basis. It can be a very significant factor specially because customers may change their email addresses or contact information frequently. People are often changing their personal information as well as their preferences. Asking them for frequent preference updates can be an important step in reconnecting with them.

Other than just giving your customers emails related to your product and services solely, offer your customers a variety of emails teaching about various ongoing topics, offering them monthly or weekly newsletters and promotional emails etc. Sparking their interest through various other topics will keep them tied up to your brand rather than solely rambling on about your product or service which will bore them to the core by the end of a few months.

Email marketing is a major tool that marketers make use of these days because it is an online and easily available platform to increase, retain and capture a great audience. If all efforts of reconnecting with dormant customers goes to drain, then start capturing a new list of active customers!

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