[UP by jawbone] List Of Other Windows Phone Fitness Apps

List Of Other Windows Phone Fitness Apps
With the changing lifestyle and introduction of new technology every day, people always look for the easy and simple way to maintain their health in good condition. Fitness-tracking apps have gained high popularity among these people in recent years. Such apps used in the gadgets allow them to track their daily activities and health. They are considered as an effective way to make your body fit by combining a style with functionality.
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UP by Jawbone - A Dedicated Windows Phone Fitness Tracking App

The recently launched UP app for fitness band by Jawbone works effectively in tracking the workouts and sleep of the user. It also has the ability to compare the user’s stats with his/her friends. Jawbone UP offers a wide range of features that motivate the users to remain more active throughout the day by simply tracking their workout, diet and sleep activity.

Its numerous valuable features, functions and looks encourage more and more fitness conscious people to own and enjoy such a budget-friendly fitness band. In other words, we can say that the main purpose of introducing UP app is to provide you a guidance to follow each step to obtain a better and healthier life.

If you are looking for a highly economical personal fitness advisor, UP app by Jawbone is highly recommended to achieve your fitness goals with high level of comfort and ease. It has the high-quality sensors that capture your each movement, sleep through the night and more. It can be connected with other apps and mobile devices, thus giving you the most convenient tracking system in this digital world.

All you need to do is to use your Windows Phone device with Sensor Core technology because UP app is not compatible with UP fitness trackers. If you want to take benefits of the tracking capability in UP app, Windows device with sensor core technology is the only current solution for it.

Have A look At More Fitness Tracking Apps For Windows Phones Fitbit

This app is useful for tracking workout, diet and activities performed throughout the day. It helps in making you active, healthy and motivated towards your fitness goals using the all-day tracked stats.

Health & Fitness

This free app in the Windows phone store provides more than thousand exercises videos, and guidance on nutrition and medical. It helps you to track your diet, exercise and workout to meet your all health goals.


This app allows you to track all outdoor and indoor health and fitness activities. It helps you to record distance covered, speed, calories burned, moves etc. The overview of your performance motivates to work beyond your desired goals.

Track Runner

This fitness app allows you to track your run and evaluate your running performance. It helps you to enhance your running skills and become a smart runner by adjusting the interval workouts.

Breathe Deeply Now

This health and fitness app allows you to track your deep breath. Thus, it helps in reducing stress, make you relax and enhance your concentration ability. The app works on cognitive-behavior therapy and yogic breathing called as Pranayama.

HardFox SixPack

This fitness app helps in making stronger abdominal muscles and in improving your body figure. It works on 42-days training session. If you have a busy schedule and want to gain a healthy body, this app offers you a perfect fitness solution.


This fitness app allows you to modify your Microsoft fitness band using the variety of wallpaper designs and color themes. You can select the one that best suits your personality and interests.


This app helps you to get a sound sleep at night by generating the calm sounds to give you great relax. It is the best choice for those looking for a solid sleep option in their Windows devices.

Plant Nanny

This app allows you to check your water consumption and helps you in staying hydrated. Just record your consumption in an app when you drink water. Your plant will be alive and grows. When no consumption, your plant will get shrunk and die.


This app offers an easy and fast way to count your calories. It helps in losing weight and gain fit body by tracking the consumption of calories in your diet. Just shed those extra pounds quickly and easily in a healthy way.


This app has a GPS tracking that helps in keeping record of daily activities, food consumption, calories burned, nutrition facts, body fat, calculate BMI, BMR and fertility and more.


This app is helpful in tracking your fitness based on distance-based activities and sports using GPS. Such personal trainer helps you to stay motivated with its real-time pep talk feature.

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