How To Identify A Fake Facebook Account

Identify A Fake Facebook Account
As we know, Facebook is the most rapidly growing social network among all. It has almost 1.5 billion monthly active users which is increasing as time passes. Actually, users aren't growing. Just accounts are growing. Some people have 2 to 3 accounts or even up to 5 accounts, to make fools or to do illegal embarrassing activities that may be caused of trouble for innocent people like us. If you wanna be safe from fake accounts then below I'm sharing few tips to check which account is real or fake. So, if you ever receive a friend request on Facebook then must follow below tips first then decide, should you accept or not?

Check out Their Timeline First

This is a first step to check about any fake account. Open timeline and take a short tour of account that you wanna check. Check about its posts or statuses. Check out comments and likes. If conversation on posts is strange then it might be doubtful. Similarly, check out photos and albums. I'm sure, fakers never use real pictures. Normally, they use celebrities pictures or adult pictures for attraction.

Another important, most fake profiles have 'Female' as a gender. But this doesn't mean all female accounts are fake. Check out account album. If it has one or two pictures only, so this account may be fake.

Fakers never fill up 'About' section of account. So, you can also check 'About' section, if any information isn't there, so that account is fake in our views.

Profile Pictures

Profile picture is the first impression. After applying all above tips, if you aren't guessing, the account is real or fake then open account profile picture. Right click on it and search about image on Google. If google gives other similar images then that account should be fake.

Similarly, you can also apply this way. Download profile picture of account that you wanna check. Go to Google images, click on camera icon and now upload fake account's picture. Once the picture uploaded, Google will display you similar picture that exist over the internet.

Female Accounts

By the way, we should avoid from females profile. Anyway, normally girls never share their account information in Public. They set their posts, informations etc as Friends or custom. But still if you accept any female friend request, then check about section first that as I said in above paragraph and check, Did she share her phone number or not? If her phone number is displayed then 80% chances of account are to be fake.

Furthermore, check about her followers, where they belong and check activities that she does on facebook. So after checking all, if you think something is strange then never accept request. Because a person behind that account, may also be a hacker. So avoid must.

Wait For 1st January

Yeah! This one fact is funny, but it's helpful. Most fakers choose birth date '1st January' while creating account. So if 1st January is coming then wait. On their birth date, facebook will show their birthday status on your home page, if you have accepted their request. So, anyone else has birthday on 1st January and you don't know him/her personally, so it's good for you unfriend.

Final Words

So, these are some basic and quick ways to check, who is real or fake. After applying all, if you're still in doubt, so where is your sense of humor? Use your brain and take action. That's it!

At the end, I've a request with you, if think this article is helpful then don't forget to share this with other facebook users and if you also want to give your own personal opinions about this article then share with us via comment below.
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