How to Increase E-Commerce Conversions through Digital Marketing?

Increase E-Commerce Conversions through Digital Marketing?
“So, At The End Of The Day, E-Commerce Success Is All About Turning Your Potential Shoppers Into Paying Customers.”
Which is why conversion metrics are the metrics of all metrics. So, before getting deeper inside conversions, let’s have an eye over some important statistics that matters a lot when it comes to conversions.

The Stats That Matter – E-Commerce Conversion Rates!
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So, What Creates A Great Impact On Conversion Rates?

Well, there are numerous factors responsible right from UI, UX till shipping cost & inventory. But above all, “trust” is the biggest variable.

Just imagine yourself as a potential shopper – whenever you land on any site to make an online purchase of a product, you’re obviously going to do some preliminary research in order to ensure that you’ve made a right choice. Because the product is intangible. So before handing over your CVV number, you would ensure that you don’t end up with any surprises when the package arrives.

During the buyer’s journey, consumers turn towards customer reviews, product descriptions, price comparison and a lot more. So, the best way to ensure more conversions is to improve buyer’s trust.

With the proliferation of technology in almost every industry, digital marketing aka social media marketing plays a crucial role in improvising conversions.

Sounds Interesting, Isn’t It?

Well, social media is one of the most important parts of your digital marketing activities. The importance of social media for e-commerce brands is gradually increasing. You might have heard how important it is to have your strong social media presence. In order to generate more leads and conversions, you need to be active, engaging and should have a strong profile. But what actually is it getting you? Are you generating more leads? It’s hard to measure results especially when you’re not aware of what to trigger.

Did You Know?

1. Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking - Source: MarketingSherpa
Tip: Just think about your audience and find out where they’re most likely to follow and engage with your brand. This will definitely improve your conversion.

2. 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand will surely recommend it to their friends and colleagues - Source: Ambassador
Tip: Ensure that you make use of social media as an effective tool to increase brand engagement and improve conversion.

3. 78% of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect immediate and instant response from brands - Source: Lithium
Tip: As customers are moving towards social media outlets to get answers to their questions, ensure that you’re actively engaged in your networks.

As we know, conversion is the holy grain of the digital marketing spectrum – that idealistic goal we all strive for but only a few people achieve it. Increasing your conversion rate is highly essential to increase your ROI and to make most out of your digital marketing investment.

Social media can prove to be an extremely powerful tool that can create a gradual impact on your conversion rates. If done right, you’ll be certainly hitting your goal conversion rate in no time. However, every business has its own trick and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are not the only effective conversion tools out there in the market. Before diving deeper into social media effectiveness and its impact on conversions is your mind filled with questions like;

  • What Approaches Can Help In Driving More Conversion Rates?
  • Can Digital Marketing Activities Really Boost My E-Commerce Website’s Conversions Rates?

If your answer to the aforementioned question is a big “YES”, this post is for you. This article covers everything you need to know to boost your e-commerce conversion rates. So, before I proceed any further, here is a quick synopsis of the topics that will offer you an insight on what I’ve covered in the article ahead. Scroll down a little and have a look at it.

  1. Leveraging User-Generated Content Dramatically Increases Conversion Rates By 110%
  2. Build Your Trust Base with Consumers via Social Proof
  3. Don’t Forget To Create High-Converting Ads
  4. So, Is Your E-Commerce Business Closing More Sales?

1. Leveraging User-Generated Content Dramatically Increases Conversion Rates By 110%

As per the iPerceptions study, 63% of customers will make their purchasing decisions that have positive customer reviews.
Visitors who interact with reviews & queries are more likely to purchase while visiting.

For Instance:

Increase E-Commerce Conversions through Digital Marketing?
When It Comes To Building Trust With Your Customers In A Way That Helps You Increase The Conversion Rate, UGC Is The Best Way To Go About It. Flipkart found something similar. Such positive user reviews about the product not only build users trust in the product but also creates a great impact on user purchasing decision to a great extent.
Increase E-Commerce Conversions through Digital Marketing?
Source: Yotpo
The above chart shows the difference in conversion rate from people that make purchasing decision from UGC and people who don’t consider UGC for their purchasing decisions. Apart from the review, good conversion rates also depend on real-time engagement too.

2. Build Your Trust Base with Consumers Via Social Proof

Studies show that 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they don’t know about the branded content.
90% - OMG! That’s huge! It almost makes you feel like there is no need to create professional stuff. Obviously, you need professional content to establish the strong brand presence but, the point here is:

When It Comes To Building Your Customer-Trust, UGC Is the Ultimate Key to Drive Your Sales.
Increase E-Commerce Conversions through Digital Marketing?
The above caption explains that the customer has used rich crème hair color “brown over her hair. In other words, the girl has thick long black hair who has never dyed her hair before, and she applied the color directly to her hair without bleaching first.

Why Does That Matter So Much?

Because it shows customer’s expectations from the product if they plan to use that product in a similar fashion.

Trust me – your customers want to research your brand before they make a purchase, and if you can provide them UGC that helps, they’ll be much more likely to buy.

3. Don’t Forget To Create High-Converting Ads

Data shows that UGC can boost CTR for Facebook ads by 250% which results in a 50% drop in cost-per-acquisition.

Pretty Impressive, Isn’t It?

The above statistic has interested you in using UGC soon for your eCommerce business. So, let’s look at how you can implement it in your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here’s an example of a Facebook ad from Perfect Locks that makes effective use of UGC.
Increase E-Commerce Conversions through Digital Marketing?

4. So, Is Your E-Commerce Business Closing More Sales?

For e-commerce marketers, closing sales don't involve having a conversation with customers via telephone rather it involves information sharing that lures them to make a positive purchasing decision. So, is your business closing more sales?

If not, don’t panic!

Rob some methods from the blog post and cherish high conversion rates within no time. So, which approach helped you to generate mor3e leads? We are eager to hear it from you. Do share with us in the comments below.

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