Top 4 Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome

Top 8 Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome
Google chrome, that so far has proven to be the best browser. There is no need to explain here that How much the Chrome is good or not. Everyone knows about it and using it as a default internet browser. On Google Web Store, a lot of extensions in different categories are available for Chrome users. Every Chrome user can easily get and use them too. Google Chrome is popular just because of its speed, service, performance and more other useful features. Almost, 60-65% active internet users use it as a default application. I hope, you are in one of them.

In 60-65% users, there might be a majority that needs security & protection and face the proxy issue. In different countries, lots of websites are banned like Pakistan. Because Youtube is ban in Pakistan. Now you can visualize, Youtube is the biggest website and lots of the internet users browse it regular for watching videos, so would Pakistani's not like to surf it?

Similarly, more other websites are also banned in other countries. You know what, people always do the same thing, which forbid them to do. A majority of the internet users regular try to enable proxy and surf banned websites. So, if you're a Google Chrome user then lots of extensions are available on Google Web Store that will help to change your surfing location and run blocked websites. In these proxy extensions, I shared here some best and top extensions to enable your proxy. Hopefully, these will be helpful for you and everyone.

1. ZenMate

Top 8 Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome

ZenMate technology, in my views one of the best among all. It's a finest, lightest and quickly running extension that's designed for all the internet browsers especially for Chrome users. No matter where you are, just open it and enable your proxy. Everyone can easily get it from the Chrome Web Store. Android users can also get benefits from it.

It's master for change surfing location and IP address. One thing, I like the most that there is no login required while opening it. Once you've installed it, an icon will appear at the right of the top. When you click on icon, a pop-up will open immediately like above image. So just click on ON/OFF tab and enjoy.

Sign-up was required, when it was introduced. But now no need to sign-up. Maybe, it still requires sign-up in other countries, but officially not. Well! it's really best. If you're serious with your privacy and wanna surf blocked websites as well. So, ZenMate is my recommended extension for you.

2. Cyberghost VPN

Top 8 Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome
Cyberghost VPN is a personal VPN service that's very easy in use. Every internet user especially Chrome user can easily hide location and surfing location with it. For better privacy and security, Cyberghost VPN is the best after ZenMate. If any site is banned at your location or in your whole country then enable it and surf them.

Options are very similar to the ZenMate. As you can see an image of ZenMate, in which a drop-down pop-up is showing and an option is also available ON/OFF to enable your proxy. Same as, Cyberghost VPN has an enabling option like that. Just click on the extension icon, a pop-up will be opened, so click here on provided option of enabling it. Sign-up is optional. If you want to get relief and better service then create your account on Cyberghost VPN. If you've already created then just Log-in, otherwise skip this step.

3. FoxyProxy Standard

Top 8 Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome
FoxyProxy standard is another best VPN management tool that's designed for OS/X, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Linux. A very popular and third most useful extension for surfing blocked website, as we can consider it. It's a very cheap reserve memory extension. Cheap reserve means, if you've a low-end PC then you definitely should use it as default.

There will be no any bug and problems happening while using it. It's standard menu different from above two. After installing it, when you'll open it then a menu will be dropped, where three options will be displaying for enabling proxy and for disabling too and in last, an option will also available for its setting. When you click on Setting, then a new tab will open, where you can manage everything about your extension easily. Your enabling location, surfing URL and too much important thing will be showing also at the right in a chart as a record.

Top 8 Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome

4. Proxy-on

Top 8 Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome
Proxy-on is another highlighted in our list. Actually, you can consider it as a professional extension. When you'll install it in your chrome, then you'll be understood about very well. This extension provides three different options to enable proxy. First option is free , second is Premium and third Manual. Free option is definitely for free users, In which you can enable your proxy and can easily surf blocked or banned site at your location. It's quite risky for those who wanna protect their privacy. So, if thinking to protect personal privacy then here's my recommendation that don't use its free mode. Try to use its Premium or Manual option.

When you switch to the Premium mode then it will require sign-up formality that is compulsory. Premium version has its own features. It provides you free browsing as anonymously, fast speed, unlimited data, proxy surfing opportunity more than 30 countries and more.
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