Tricks That Save You Time In Microsoft Office

Tricks That Save You Time In Microsoft Office
Almost any form of text or data processing today goes through Microsoft Office. Even this text was written in Microsoft Office Word. The main reason behind this is the fact that Office is one of the most user-friendly things there are out there in the virtual world, and is as such an invaluable asset.

As we already said, there is nothing simpler than using Microsoft Office, but when you do it day in and out using it is not good enough, you need to master it. Doing this will help you save a lot of time and increase your time-productivity significantly. Here are some of the most popular tricks that will help save your time in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word

To start off, we should take universally most recognizable and by far the most used Microsoft Office program there is, the aforementioned Microsoft Word. This program is used for text making and processing and is getting more effective and easier to use every day. To utilize the use of Microsoft Word, learn all of its features as well as how to customize your toolbars to suit your needs.

Apart from this, it is also a great idea, and an idea that will help you save a lot of time to memorize numerous Word shortcuts. Still, you need not memorize all of them, only ones that you use regularly like changing alignment to left or center (ctrl+l, ctrl+e) or making your letters bold or italic (ctrl+b, ctrl+i). As you may have noticed, most of these shortcuts are quite logical and easy to remember, all that it takes is some time and regular use. However the most time-saving trick is saving your progress regularly, since nothing wastes more time than having to start from scratch after something goes wrong.

Tricks That Save You Time In Microsoft Office


Here is a program that is as useful and time-saving as Microsoft Word but is far more difficult to master. If you know how, Excel can save you from a lot of unnecessary work and make your job quite simple indeed. For those who know many little secrets of Excel, or at least those needed by them, even some of the most difficult tasks come down to nothing more than simple information input. You can even copy an excel table into a Word file thus facilitating your job on this end as well.

There are a lot of ways in which Excel can help you do your job a lot quicker and in a more effective way therefore it might not be a bad idea if you were to sign up for an Excel training course. A knowledge of Excel can never be useless and will come great as a skill on any CV that you compose in the future. Act smart and invest into your own future by learning how to use Excel.

Tricks That Save You Time In Microsoft Office


You can never disregard a visual stimuli and any argument or point seems sounder when backed up with a well composed PowerPoint presentation. Still, you will first need to know how to compose a successful presentation in PowerPoint since to a layman this can turn out to be quite frustrating and time-consuming.

First thing you need to know is that Word, Excel and PowerPoint are, as you probably already expected, completely compatible. This means that you can create a text in Word, table and diagram in Excel and simply copy/paste them into your presentation to save time. This way all you have to do in PP is format all this data a bit, add some animation, chose the layout of the presentation and you are ready to go.

Tricks That Save You Time In Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office was specially designed to be your best friend and ally in most of the office and paperwork in general, still it will not be able to help you enough unless you master it. Although some might believe this to be the waste of time and sometimes even money, the truth is that in the long run, it saves far more time than it consumes. And since all know that time is money, the conclusion is self-explanatory.

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